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Do submarines actually release trash into world’s oceans? Maybe they don’t even have trash?

February 2, 2019

Big nuclear submarines sometimes spend months submerged. This, of course, is taxing on human psychology, but it also…
Why the largest submarine in the world has a pool? Well, where else would you go after sauna? (Video)

January 31, 2019

Russian Akula submarines are the largest submarines ever built. In the West they are known as Typhoon-class submarines…
A new spray can heal damaged ships in minutes

January 14, 2019

Navy ships are extremely technologically advanced. They are fast, manoeuvrable and feature the latest and greatest weaponry. However,…
Solar storm triggered a Vietnam War mystery in 1972

November 13, 2018

On Aug. 4, 1972, U.S. military pilots flying south of Haiphong harbor in North Vietnam saw something unexpected:…
Navy Meteorologist Presents New Wildfire Climate Research to Global Scientists

April 20, 2018

Last year was a record year for wildfires across the globe, and their impact on the atmosphere remains…
iLab: See Where Sailors and Innovation Meet

January 22, 2018

Like any other organization, the Navy is not perfect. Many times sailors ask why things must be done…
Navy Leader Calls for Holodeck-like Training Tech

December 27, 2017

Walking the show floor of the 2017 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference, Vice Chief of Naval Operations…
Type 26 Global Combat Ship for Australia
Global power and propulsion manufacturers to deliver leading technology to Australian industry

December 21, 2017

To support future Australian Naval programs and the development of a continuous naval shipbuilding capability, BAE Systems announced…
TALONS Tested on Commissioned U.S. Navy Vessel for First Time

August 16, 2017

Prototype of low-cost, elevated sensor mast improves ship’s communication range and ability to detect, track, and classify contacts…
A New Defense for Navy Ships: Protection from Cyber Attacks

September 19, 2015

For most people, the term “cyber security” calls to mind stories of data theft like the recent hacks…
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