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Damaged hearts rewired with nanotube fibers

August 14, 2019

Thin, flexible fibers made of carbon nanotubes have now proven able to bridge damaged heart tissues and deliver the electrical…
Taking the guesswork out of electrospinning

May 29, 2019

Capturing real-time data as nanofibers form makes the technique more affordable and effective. Electrospinning, a nanofiber fabrication method,…
Healthier dairy products with bacterial films and nanofiber membranes

March 13, 2019

Bacterial biofilms are typically the target of heavy-duty cleaning regimens, but these films aren’t always bad news. In…
Synergetic competencies in nanomaterials – Fraunhofer ISC and TU Liberec join forces to establish a Center of Excellence

February 4, 2019

The Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC (Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft) and the Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovation (Technical…
Nanofiber Filter Improves Rural Water Treatment

August 18, 2018

Small, rural communities often lack the resources to maintain adequate water treatment systems. Across the United States, 97…
Researchers Mimic Comet Moth’s Silk Fibers to Make “Air-conditioned” Fabric

May 23, 2018

In exploring the optical properties of the Madagascar comet moth’s cocoon fibers, Columbia Engineering team discovers the fibers’…
“Nano-wood” Much Lighter and More Durable than Regular Insulation Materials, and no Less Effective

March 11, 2018

When it comes to insulation, Styrofoam and other similar materials may have just met a worthy competitor, recently…
From a spaghetti-like jumble of microfibers and water comes a promising new material

December 6, 2017

Investigated for half a century, hydrogels are increasingly finding uses in areas including artificial tissue engineering, sustained drug…
3-D-printed device builds better nanofibers

October 30, 2017

Meshes made from fibers with nanometer-scale diameters have a wide range of potential applications, including tissue engineering, water…
Nanofiber sutures promote production of infection-thwarting peptide

October 20, 2017

Loading nanofiber sutures with vitamin D induces the production of an infection-fighting peptide, new research shows. The discovery…
Hokusai’s blue, cellulose nanofibers join forces to clean up disaster areas

October 16, 2017

By combining the same Prussian blue pigment used in the works of popular Edo-period artist Hokusai and cellulose…
Nano Fiber Feels Forces and Hears Sounds Made by Cells

May 15, 2017

Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a miniature device that’s sensitive enough to feel…
Grant backs nanofiber development

May 11, 2017

Rice University scientists who developed conductive fibers made entirely of carbon nanotubes will enhance their invention with the…
‘Fuzzy’ fibers can take rockets’ heat

April 3, 2017

To stand up to the heat and pressure of next-generation rocket engines, the composite fibers used to make…
Nanotube growth moving in the right direction

February 13, 2017

For the first time, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientists and collaborators have captured a movie(link is external) of…
Move over, solar: The next big renewable energy source could be at our feet

October 21, 2016

Flooring can be made from any number of sustainable materials, making it, generally, an eco-friendly feature in homes…
Going beyond 3D printing to add a new dimension for additive manufacturing

August 25, 2016

A team of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory researchers has demonstrated the 3D printing of shape-shifting structures that can…
Soldier scientists inventing lighter bullet proof vests, and more

May 25, 2016

It’s “boots on the ground” in this Harvard lab where the researchers are on a mission to protect…
Advances in extracting uranium from seawater announced

April 24, 2016

The oceans hold more than four billion tons of uranium—enough to meet global energy needs for the next…
‘Diamonds from the sky’ approach turns CO2 into valuable products

August 20, 2015

Finding a technology to shift carbon dioxide (CO2), the most abundant anthropogenic greenhouse gas, from a climate change…
Dancing Droplets Launch Themselves from Thin Fibers

August 19, 2015

We’ve all seen dewdrops form on spider webs. But what if they flung themselves off of the strands…
Scientists Stretch Electrically Conducting Fibers to New Lengths

July 24, 2015

An international research team based at The University of Texas at Dallas has made electrically conducting fibers that…
Unlocking nanofibers’ potential

June 8, 2015

Nanofibers — polymer filaments only a couple of hundred nanometers in diameter — have a huge range of…
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