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How much water do snowpacks hold? OSU finds a better way to answer the question

July 16, 2019

Oregon State University researchers have developed a new computer model for calculating the water content of snowpacks, providing…
Drought in Sierra Streams

March 27, 2019

Long ago naturalist John Muir extended an open invitation to harken to the rugged beauty and wonder of…
Earth’s continental nurseries discovered beneath mountains

February 4, 2019

In his free time last summer, Rice University geoscientist Ming Tang made a habit of comparing the niobium…
Dust threatens Utah’s ‘Greatest snow on Earth’

December 27, 2018

Utah’s Wasatch Mountains are famous for having “The Greatest Snow on Earth.” Snow-seekers in pursuit of world-class skiing…
Lilly pilly fossils reveal snowless snowy mountains

October 8, 2018

Leaf fossils discovered high in Australia’s Snowy Mountains have revealed a past history of warmer rainforest vegetation and…
Rain-on-snow flood risk to increase in many mountain regions of the western US, Canada

August 13, 2018

Flooding caused by rain falling on snowpack could more than double by the end of this century in…
Measuring snow persistence can help predict streamflow

May 17, 2018

With warming climates around the world, many regions are experiencing changes in snow accumulation and persistence. Historically, researchers…
Sierra mountaintop laboratory keeps track of some of the worst weather in the country

April 20, 2018

Winds that tear weather gauges from their mountings and blizzards that bury chairlifts – this is the kind…
How much snow accumulates in North America each year? More than scientists thought

March 15, 2018

There’s a lot more snow piling up in the mountains of North America than anyone knew, according to…
A global view of species diversity in high elevations, via mountain birds

February 22, 2018

A new look at mountain birds is helping Yale University researchers test long-held assumptions about species richness in…
Scientist’s work may provide answer to martian mountain mystery

January 24, 2018

By seeing which way the wind blows, a University of Texas at Dallas fluid dynamics expert has helped…
Soil study lends clues to ancient climate

November 14, 2017

In a new study published in the November edition of Sedimentary Geology, Joeckel outlines the findings of a multi-year…
Mountain glaciers shrinking across the West

October 25, 2017

Until recently, glaciers in the United States have been measured in two ways: placing stakes in the snow,…
Mountain glaciers recharge vital aquifers

July 31, 2017

Small mountain glaciers play a big role in recharging vital aquifers and in keeping rivers flowing during the…
Study: Mountaintop Coal Mining Causes Appalachian Rivers to Run ‘Consistently Saltier’

July 25, 2017

Mountaintop-removal coal mining causes many streams and rivers in Appalachia to run consistently saltier for up to 80…
How Mountains Hold Carbon (And Do a Good Job of It)

July 13, 2017

Mountain forests are better at storing carbon — actually, they’re better at everything — according to a new…
Research: El Capitan holds the history of volcanic plumbing

July 11, 2017

To mountaineer Alex Honnold, El Capitan was something to be climbed without safety gear last month. To UO…
Underwater mountains help ocean water rise from abyss

March 7, 2017

At high latitudes, such as near Antarctica and the Arctic Circle, the ocean’s surface waters are cooled by…
Climate models may underestimate future warming on tropical mountains

February 7, 2017

In few places are the effects of climate change more pronounced than on tropical peaks like Mount Kilimanjaro…
Rocky mountain haze

January 10, 2017

Many people head to the mountains in the summer to get above the haze of the cities and…
Researchers: Climate change likely caused deadly 2016 avalanche in Tibet

December 12, 2016

With a deadly avalanche, it appears climate change may now be affecting a once stable region of the…
Vegetation Matters

August 31, 2016

In California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, as more precipitation falls in the form of rain rather than snow, and…
Spring snow a no-go?

May 30, 2016

Spring snowpack, relied on by ski resorts and water managers throughout the Western United States, may be more…
How a huge landslide shaped Zion National Park

May 30, 2016

A Utah mountainside collapsed 4,800 years ago in a gargantuan landslide known as a “rock avalanche,” creating the…
Central Appalachia Flatter Due to Mountaintop Mining

February 12, 2016

Forty years of mountaintop coal mining have made parts of Central Appalachia 40 percent flatter than they were…
Scientists explained why mid-altitudes in the mountains have the biggest biodiversity

February 4, 2016

One may think that living on a flat ground is just easier. Going up big mountains there is…
Researchers discover optimal range of slopes for extreme uphill running

December 19, 2015

Running uphill on steep inclines is never easy, but researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder have discovered…
Climate can grind mountains faster than they can be rebuilt, study indicates

November 25, 2015

Researchers for the first time have attempted to measure all the material leaving and entering a mountain range…
Researchers advance understanding of mountain watersheds

November 6, 2015

University of Wyoming geoscientists have discovered that the underground water-holding capacity of mountain watersheds may be controlled by…
Climate Change is Moving Mountains, Research Says

November 6, 2015

For millions of years global climate change has altered the structure and internal movement of mountain ranges, but…
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