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Why Is Money Different in Every Country?

February 21, 2019

What is money? It depends on the country you live in, right? Americans call it Dollar, the Chinese…
Blockchain trial could lead to smarter money

November 13, 2018

A new type of smart money, powered by blockchain, has been successfully trialled by CSIRO’s Data61 and the…
Higher income linked with less concern about social problems over time, new research shows

November 7, 2018

University of Alberta sociologists found that over time, people with higher incomes grew less concerned with a range…
Raspberry Pi: e-paper pocket money tracker using Monzo pots

January 19, 2018

Jason Barnett used the pots feature of the Monzo banking API to create a simple e-paper display so that…
Money makes people happy, but only when earned properly

May 6, 2017

Who said money cannot buy happiness? Sure it can. Money, as any other achievement that can be quickly…
Staking self-worth on the pursuit of money has negative psychological consequences

April 28, 2017

Although people living in consumer-based cultures such as the U.S. often believe that they will be happier if…
Diversity dividends: The economic value of grassland species for carbon storage

April 6, 2017

A collaboration of scientists has developed one of the first models to assign a dollar value to the…
How Parents, Romantic Partners Influence Student Spending

March 2, 2016

When college students introduce a new boyfriend or girlfriend to their parents for the first time, Mom and…
The Liverpool View: How to win the lottery and not lose your head

January 19, 2016

“Don’t get me wrong, I bought a ticket. I actually bought five. Not that it got me a…
Can you imagine a ‘Cashless Society’? Sweden is nearly there

November 9, 2015

A new study out of Sweden says the tiny country is on course to become the world’s first…
When Times Are Tough, Parents Favor Daughters over Sons

June 30, 2015

In tough economic times, parents financially favor daughters over sons, according to researchers at the Carlson School of…
Banknote check with ultra-fast line scan sensor

June 3, 2015

Speed and accurate image reproduction are the alpha and omega of quality inspection in security printing. Conventional image…
We’re happy and we know it, and now the research shows it

May 15, 2015

If you have a spring in your step and a smile on your face, you’re in good company.…
Sending money back home: Can it be improved?

April 24, 2015

Millions of people work abroad as maids, construction workers and other low-wage laborers. The money they send back…
Longhorn beetle inspires ink to fight counterfeiting

November 6, 2014

From water marks to colored threads, governments are constantly adding new features to paper money to stay one…
Hand out money with my mobile? I think I’m ready

April 17, 2014

Look, I know we’re not really talking right now but could I possibly borrow a tenner? ejbSF, CC BY-NC-ND A…
Contrary to expectations, life experiences better use of money than material items

April 2, 2014

Despite knowing that buying life experiences will make them happier than buying material items, shoppers might continue to…
Laundering money — literally — could save billions of dollars

January 9, 2014

A dollar bill gets around, passing from hand to hand, falling on streets and sidewalks, eventually getting so…
Money talks when ancient Antioch meets Google Earth

January 3, 2014

The University of Cincinnati’s Kristina Neumann uses Google Earth in her research on ancient Antioch. Credit: Kristina Neumann,…
Qubitcoins to Stop Counterfeiting

January 2, 2014

In October, the Federal Reserve rolled out the newest iteration of the venerable $100 bill. It’s colorful and…
Economists find in large groups, money facilitates cooperation

August 28, 2013

Early human societies consisted of small, tight-knit groups of individuals who knew each other. Members probably cooperated with…
Space Robotics Dominate New $5 Bill in Canada

May 1, 2013

In a world first, Canada’s Chris Hadfield unveiled a new money note — while in space. Hadfield spun…
People care about source of money, attach less value to ‘tainted’ wealth

April 24, 2013

It’s no accident that money obtained through dishonest or illegal means is called “dirty money.” A new study…
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