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Scientists film molecular rotation

July 29, 2019

Quantum movie displays probability density distribution of rotating carbonyl sulphide molecules. Scientists have used precisely tuned pulses of…
Graphene Can Stretch to Be a Tunable Ion Filter

November 27, 2018

NIST researchers carried out simulations of a graphene membrane featuring oxygen-lined pores and immersed in a liquid solution…
The molecular shuttle is attached to two polystyrene beads through two DNA molecules. Picture credit: Scixel.
Five minutes in the life of a molecular shuttle

October 31, 2018

Scientists from IMDEA Nanociencia follow and operate one molecular shuttle-at-a-time, in real time, for several hundreds of cycles.…
How a Molecular Signal Helps Plant Cells Decide When to Make Oil

September 27, 2018

Details of mechanism suggest new strategy for engineering plants to make more oil A study at the U.S.…
Neutrons probe oxygen-generating enzyme for a greener approach to clean water

November 18, 2017

A new study sheds light on a unique enzyme that could provide an eco-friendly treatment for chlorite-contaminated water…
Secrets of superfluid helium explored

July 10, 2017

When Cornell physicists Robert Richardson, David Lee and Douglas Osheroff received the 1996 Nobel Prize for their discovery…
Iron springs back to shape under pressure

September 16, 2016

A team of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) physicists has performed a series of calculations shedding light on…
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