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New modeling will shed light on how policy decisions affect migration from sea level rise

November 27, 2019

A new modeling approach can help researchers, policymakers and the public better understand how policy decisions will influence…
New global migration estimates show rates proportionally steady since 1990, high rate of return migration

January 2, 2019

On today’s increasingly crowded globe, human migration can strain infrastructure and resources. Accurate data on migration flows could…
Will the early bird still get the worm?

September 20, 2018

f you’ve ever planned a trip, especially one with multiple stop-overs, you’ve considered departure times, arrival times, lodging,…
People are more likely to migrate to large cities or remain living in them

July 10, 2018

People are freely migrating animals. We change cities, countries and sometimes continents in which we live in and…
Caterpillar ‘road rage’ could affect migration

May 14, 2018

Highway noise can lead to stress for monarch butterfly caterpillars. Monarch butterfly caterpillars living next to roads may be…
Fossil finger points to new understanding of earliest human migration

April 10, 2018

The discovery of an 88,000-year-old fossilised human finger in Saudi Arabia is rewriting the history of the first…
Origins of the Bornean elephant

January 22, 2018

How the endangered species of elephants came to live in Borneo has been unknown, until a recent study…
Migration makes breeding harder for seabirds

November 30, 2017

An international collaboration has for the first time revealed the key drivers of seabird migration. The new study suggests…
Fly away home? Ice age may have clipped bird migration

September 21, 2017

The onset of the last ice age may have forced some bird species to abandon their northerly migrations…
Sense of smell is key factor in bird navigation

August 30, 2017

Now, researchers from the universities of Oxford, Barcelona and Pisa have shown in a new experiment that olfaction…
Nature: Silk Road evolved as ‘grass-routes’ movement

March 10, 2017

Nearly 5,000 years ago, long before the vast east-west trade routes of the Great Silk Road were traversed…
Small bird tagging tech creates new ways to study animals

April 29, 2016

Professor of ecology and evolutionary biology David Winkler found a needle in a haystack: three Ithaca tree swallows…
Imaging algorithm gathers information about how cells move

March 2, 2016

Brown University engineers have developed a new technique to help researchers understand how cells move through complex tissues…
Scientists track nighttime bird migration using weather radar

February 18, 2016

Using recently developed techniques for analyzing Doppler weather radar data, researchers looked at the impediments — crosswinds and…
Pigeons must feel the need for speed if they want to lead

November 27, 2015

Many birds travel in flocks, sometimes migrating over thousands of miles. But how do the birds decide who…
Researchers Mapping Genetic History of the Caribbean

November 6, 2015

In the island chain called the Lesser Antilles, stretching from the Virgin Islands south to Trinidad and Tobago,…
Wing structure helps female monarch butterflies outperform males in flight

November 5, 2015

Evidence has been mounting that female monarch butterflies are better at flying and more successful at migration than…
Reef fish study reveals migratory mateship

September 24, 2015

New UTS research confirms that, when it comes to rabbitfish couples, appearances can be deceptive, raising fundamental questions…
A single wave of migration led to population of the Americas, genetic research shows

July 23, 2015

A single wave of migration from Siberia brought people across the Bering Land Bridge and into the Americas…
Research: Countries have boundaries, but fish do not

July 7, 2015

Fish don’t care where political boundaries exist. That’s why countries must work together on environmental management practices, according…
Sending money back home: Can it be improved?

April 24, 2015

Millions of people work abroad as maids, construction workers and other low-wage laborers. The money they send back…
First Nations migration dynamics are shaped by socio-economic inequalities

March 25, 2015

Socio-economic inequalities between First Nations communities, and also between these communities and the non-Aboriginal population of Canada, determine…
Mobile Phone Activity as a Driving Force for Urban Developments

January 8, 2015

A study recently published on suggests that measurements of mobile phone activity could be used as a fingerprint…
Study reveals that migration within Africa has decreased

December 15, 2014

Image of Africans desperately trying to escape their homes is popular in the European media. However, news reports…
Modern humans may have migrated into Austria 43,500 years ago

September 23, 2014

A multinational team led by Philip Nigst (University of Cambridge and Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology) and…
New study suggests that globalization has not raised global rates of migration

September 17, 2014

It is frequently argued that processes of globalization have significantly raised rates of international migration and made it…
US should re-evaluate definition of skilled workers in immigration policy

June 30, 2014

New immigration research from Rice University, the University of North Carolina and the Centre for Population, Poverty and…
Study indicates Neolithic people from Near East migrated to Europe via island hopping

June 11, 2014

A coastal route of colonization of Europe. Credit: PNAS, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1320811111 A multinational team of researchers has concluded that…
Report: ‘Frictionless Border’ Would Benefit U.S., Mexico

May 14, 2014

A comprehensive research report prepared by a coalition of nationally-respected urban economic experts contends that both the United…
Paleoanthropologists use models to show humans may have left Africa earlier than thought

April 23, 2014

Landmarks shown in one individual cranium. Credit: Katerina Harvati/University of Tübingen and Senckenberg Center for Human Evolution and…
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