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A low-cost, open-source, computer-assisted microscope based on Raspberry Pi

October 2, 2019

Low-cost open labware is a good thing in the world, and I was particularly pleased when micropalaeontologist Martin…
Researchers give standard light microscopes an upgrade to see inside cells

July 23, 2019

Researchers can now see the molecules inside cells using standard light microscopes. Traditionally, light microscopes could only reveal…
Image credit: UBC
New laser microscope could be used to detect and treat diseases like skin cancer

May 20, 2019

Surgeries require cutting, right? Scalpels were invented for a reason. However, a new invention from The University of…
NanoJ-Fluidics. Credit: Dr Giorgia Siriaco, MRC LMCB
Scientists create a LEGO-based device for cheap cutting-edge microscopy

March 16, 2019

You know the name LEGO very well. Those plastic building blocks were probably a big part of your…
NIST Puts the Optical Microscope Under the Microscope to Achieve Atomic Accuracy

May 23, 2018

Over the last two decades, scientists have discovered that the optical microscope can be used to detect, track…
Watching a Quantum Material Lose Its Stripes

November 29, 2017

Stripes can be found everywhere, from zebras roaming in the wild to the latest fashion statement. In the…
NIST Researchers Revolutionize the Atomic Force Microscope

September 13, 2017

Most measuring instruments are limited by the tradeoff between how precisely and how rapidly a measurement is made:…
3D printed microscopes to boost science in developing countries

August 2, 2017

Using cheap consumer electronics and 3D printed parts to create high-quality scientific and medical devices at a fraction…
Bacteria-coated nanofiber electrodes digest pollutants

June 29, 2017

Cornell materials scientists and bioelectrochemical engineers may have created an innovative, cost-competitive electrode material for cleaning pollutants in…
Microscope can scan tumors during surgery and examine cancer biopsies in 3-D

June 27, 2017

When women undergo lumpectomies to remove breast cancer, doctors try to remove all the cancerous tissue while conserving…
From 2D to 3D, Space Station Microscope Gets an Upgrade

June 1, 2017

In science, it’s best to have a clean, sharp picture of what you’re studying. Microscopes afford us the…
Cheap, small and uses a smartphone: a new microscope to fight antibiotic resistance

January 31, 2017

Scientists developed a new microscope, which can be used to diagnose cancerous tumours and infections. It is quite…
Catching Molecular Dances in Slow Motion by Adding White Noise

November 23, 2016

In extreme slow-motion, a molecule of medicine entering a cell receptor would look a little like a Soyuz…
Electron Kaleidoscope: New Technique Visualizes Multiple Objects in Many Colors

November 4, 2016

Electron microscopy (EM), which uses particle beams of accelerated electrons to interrogate specimens, has long been a leading…
The self-driving microscope

November 2, 2016

Light-sheet microscopy is one of the most powerful method for imaging the development and function of whole living…
Nanoscientists Develop The “Ultimate Discovery Tool”

June 30, 2016

The discovery power of the gene chip is coming to nanotechnology. A Northwestern University research team is developing…
New multiphoton microscope and endoscope could speed up disease diagnosis

May 26, 2016

Two new optical devices could reduce the need to take tissue samples during medical examinations and operations and…
Microscope uses artificial intelligence to find cancer cells more efficiently

April 15, 2016

Scientists at the California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA have developed a new technique for identifying cancer cells in…
New open source software for high resolution microscopy

March 26, 2016

With their special microscopes, experimental physicists can already observe single molecules. However, unlike conventional light microscopes, the raw…
Turning point of a lifetime

December 15, 2015

New microscope can record the first days of a mouse embryo’s life For the first time, scientists can…
Plastic microscope designed to bring better diagnostic care for world’s rural poor

October 23, 2015

For a project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Grand Challenges in Global Health Initiative, a…
Microscopes and Biomolecules in the Toy Box

October 8, 2015

Ana-Carolina Zeri of Brazilian Biosciences National Laboratory  will give a talk, “Microscopes and Biomolecules in the Toy Box,”…
$2.4 million instrument upgrade will let scientists see what is happening inside microbes​​

October 1, 2015

A workman, the saying goes, is only as good as his tools, and that is nowhere more true…
Spit take: implications of poisonous spit for human heart research

July 24, 2015

Tasting and spitting out toxic food is a survival trait shared by many complex organisms. Now MIT researchers…
$2.4-million instrument upgrade will let scientists see what is happening inside microbes​

July 7, 2015

A workman, the saying goes, is only as good as his tools, and that is nowhere more true…
Ultra-stable JILA Microscopy Technique Tracks Tiny Objects for Hours

July 2, 2015

JILA researchers have designed a microscope instrument so stable that it can accurately measure the 3D movement of…
A microscopic approach to the magnetic sensitivity of animals

June 5, 2015

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have succeeded in developing a new microscope capable of observing the magnetic…
Researchers build new fermion microscope

May 14, 2015

Fermions are the building blocks of matter, interacting in a multitude of permutations to give rise to the…
Near-atomic resolution of protein structure by electron microscopy holds promise for drug discovery

May 9, 2015

A new study shows that it is possible to use an imaging technique called cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) to…
Smartphone video microscope automates detection of parasites in blood

May 7, 2015

A research team led by UC Berkeley engineers has developed a new smartphone microscope that uses video to…
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