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Microfluidics device helps diagnose sepsis in minutes

July 24, 2019

A novel sensor designed by MIT researchers could dramatically accelerate the process of diagnosing sepsis, a leading cause…
3D-printed device detects biomarkers of preterm birth

May 23, 2019

Preterm birth (PTB) — defined as birth before the 37th week of gestation — is the leading complication of pregnancy. If…
Scientists develop technology to capture tumor cells

May 20, 2019

Instead of searching for a needle in a haystack, what if you were able to sweep the entire haystack…
Blood biopsy: New technique enables detailed genetic analysis of cancer cells

May 17, 2019

A new way to cleanly separate out cancer cells from a blood sample enables comprehensive genetic profiling of…
Biosensor ‘bandage’ collects and analyzes sweat

April 24, 2019

Like other biofluids, sweat contains a wealth of information about what’s going on inside the body. However, collecting…
Soon, kidneys-on-a-chip will rocket to space station

April 19, 2019

A kidneys-on-a-chip experiment is being readied at Cape Canaveral, Florida, to fly aboard a SpaceX Dragon C19/Falcon 9…
This New Biochip Can Detect Beginning Stages of Disease in Your Body

April 9, 2019

Some of the deadliest cancers have mostly silent symptoms. By the time people go to their doctors because…
New technology marks a key step toward shrinking a medical lab to fit on fingertip

April 3, 2019

In an important step toward performing medical diagnoses using handheld devices, the researchers have adapted silicon chip technology…
Sandia National Laboratories researcher Philip Miller examines a microneedle device. The new device design uses an array of needles and can extract 20 microliters of interstitial fluid, compared to the two microliters that the previous version of the device achieved. (Photo by Randy Montoya/Sandia)
Sandia microneedles technique may mean quicker diagnoses of major illnesses

January 3, 2019

When people are in the early stages of an undiagnosed disease, immediate tests that lead to treatment are…
An illustration shows the mechanism by which foam with bubbles in two distinct sizes is created in a microfluidic device. Rice University engineers discovered the technique to make foam with bubbles in two or three distinct sizes. Illustration by Eric Vavra/Biswal Lab
Tiny bubbles break each other up

December 7, 2018

It’s easy to make bubbles, but try making hundreds of thousands of them a minute – all the…
Small Tissue Chips in Space a Big Leap Forward for Research

November 11, 2018

A small device that contains human cells in a 3D matrix represents a giant leap in the ability…
Inside these fibers, droplets are on the move

October 30, 2018

Microfluidics devices are tiny systems with microscopic channels that can be used for chemical or biomedical testing and…
3D ‘organ on a chip’ could accelerate search for new disease treatments

October 29, 2018

Researchers have developed a three-dimensional ‘organ on a chip’ which enables real-time continuous monitoring of cells, and could…
Microfluidic Molecular Exchanger Helps Control Therapeutic Cell Manufacturing

October 12, 2018

Researchers have demonstrated an integrated technique for monitoring specific biomolecules – such as growth factors – that could…
Flowing Salt Water Over This Super-Hydrophobic Surface Can Generate Electricity

October 4, 2018

Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a super-hydrophobic surface that can be used to…
Nano-sized traps show promise in diagnosing pathogenic bacterial infections

August 2, 2018

A new type of “lab on a chip” developed by McGill University scientists has the potential to become…
Squishy hydra’s simple circuits ready for their close-up

August 1, 2018

Just because an animal is soft and squishy doesn’t mean it isn’t tough. Experiments at Rice University show…
On the path to an artificial cell

June 21, 2018

It is hoped that cells created in a test tube can answer some of the major questions in…
A faster way to make drug microparticles

May 15, 2018

Pharmaceuticals owe their effects mostly to their chemical composition, but the packaging of these drugs into specific physical…
UCLA engineer develops 3D printer that can create complex biological tissues

May 14, 2018

Device could help advance regenerative medicine A UCLA bioengineer has developed a technique that uses a specially adapted…
ALS researchers begin recreating human spinal cords on a chip

May 2, 2018

Aided by advanced stem cell technology and tissue chips, National Institutes of Health-funded researchers used stem cells originally…
Improved capture of cancer cells in blood could help track disease

March 20, 2018

Tumor cells circulating throughout the body in blood vessels have long been feared as harbingers of metastasizing cancer…
Natural and Artificial Cells made to Work Together for the First Time

March 19, 2018

While in previous experiments, artificial materials were made to interact with a variety of individual parts of biological…
“Body on a chip” could improve drug evaluation

March 15, 2018

MIT engineers have developed new technology that could be used to evaluate new drugs and detect possible side…
3-D Printable Tools May Help Study Astronaut Health

February 10, 2018

If humans are destined for deep space, they need to understand the space environment changes health, including aging…
Microfluidics from LEGO bricks

January 31, 2018

MIT engineers have just introduced an element of fun into microfluidics. The field of microfluidics involves minute devices…
New device brings us closer to coin-sized medical labs

January 30, 2018

It sounds like a science fiction movie: Using a handheld device, a doctor draws blood from a patient…
Isoplexis takes on cancer, one cell at a time

January 23, 2018

As Isoplexis, the company co-founded by Yale’s Rong Fan and Sean Mackay ’14, prepares to take its production to the next…
Programmable droplets

January 19, 2018

MIT researchers have developed hardware that uses electric fields to move droplets of chemical or biological solutions around…
A Stopwatch for Nanofluids: NIST Files Provisional Patent for Measuring Nanoliter Flow Rates

January 19, 2018

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has filed a provisional patent application for a microflow measurement…
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