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Synthetic Biologists Extend Functional Life of Cancer-Fighting Circuitry in Microbes

September 9, 2019

Bioengineers and biologists at the University of California San Diego have developed a method to significantly extend the…
Study of microbes essential to help solve climate change problems, say scientists

June 20, 2019

Microorganisms play critical role in climate change, both producing and consuming greenhouse gases, argues U of A biologist.…
Don’t leave microbes out of climate change conversation, experts warn

June 19, 2019

An international group of leading microbiologists have issued a warning, saying that not including microbes – the support…
Princeton to test new Microsoft Station B platform toward goal of boosting production of lifesaving biological therapies

March 18, 2019

Princeton University has teamed up with Microsoft to collaborate on the leading edge of microbiology and computational modelling…
Princeton and Microsoft collaborate to tackle fundamental challenges in microbiology

November 30, 2018

In this project, Microsoft is helping Princeton to better understand the mechanisms of biofilm formation by providing advanced…
Spherical viruses structures are not as perfect as we thought

October 23, 2018

Determining the structure of a virus is an important step in understanding and treating viral disease. For decades,…
Gut Flora and Multiple Sclerosis are Linked

October 11, 2018

In multiple sclerosis, a defective response of the body’s own immune system leads to brain tissue damage. Gastrointestinal…
Queen Bees and the Microbial Fountain of Youth

August 2, 2018

UA students study honey bees to find out how bacteria in their guts and the foods they eat…
Enzyme discovery could help in fight against TB

July 11, 2018

An enzyme structure discovery made by scientists at the University of Warwick could help to eradicate tuberculosis (TB).…
UCLA researchers develop synthetic T cells that mimic form, function of human version

June 26, 2018

Discovery could be a step toward developing treatments for cancer and autoimmune diseases. UCLA researchers have developed synthetic…
DIY brings high throughput to continuous cell culturing

June 12, 2018

Rice University’s Caleb Bashor never planned to be an inventor or do-it-yourselfer, but there was no other way…
Study Shows How Bacteria Behave Differently in Humans Compared to the Lab

May 25, 2018

Most of what we know today about deadly bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa was obtained from studies done in laboratory…
Living Large: Exploration of Diverse Bacteria Signals Big Advance for Gene Function Prediction

May 16, 2018

New workflow accelerates experiment-based gene function assignments. In the air, beneath the ocean’s surface, and on land, microbes…
Researcher Uses ‘Shotgun Sequencing’ to Study Microorganisms

May 9, 2018

Bonnie Hurwitz’s genome sequencing research aims to help doctors offer more personalized treatment plans more quickly. The rice…
Microbes living in a toxic volcanic lake could hold clues to life on Mars

May 2, 2018

Researchers at CU Boulder have discovered microbes living in a toxic volcanic lake that may rank as one…
Breakthrough in determining ages of different microbial groups

April 11, 2018

To learn about the past, paleontologists turn to the fossil record. The occurrence, abundance and diversity of fossils…
‘Chameleon’ ocean bacteria can shift their colours

February 21, 2018

Cyanobacteria – which propel the ocean engine and help sustain marine life – can shift their colour like…
Device that measures cell strength could help identify drugs for asthma, hypertension and muscular dystrophy

February 9, 2018

Engineers, doctors and scientists at UCLA and Rutgers University have developed a tool that measures the physical strength…
Real World Native Biocrusts: Microbial Metabolism

January 5, 2018

Arid lands, which cover some 40 percent of the Earth’s terrestrial surface, are too dry to sustain much…
Researchers hunt for tomorrow’s antimicrobial agents in the Christiania topsoil

November 14, 2017

Two men sit beside a lush marijuana plant in Christiania, digging in the soil. Suddenly a third man…
Scientists create unprecedented catalog of microbial life on planet Earth

November 2, 2017

Scientists have taken the most extensive snapshot ever of the vast microbial life on Earth. By drawing on…
The outsized role of soil microbes

August 29, 2017

Many complexities of the carbon sequestration process remain poorly understood, despite years of research and the significant impact…
Protein data takes significant step forward in medicine

June 28, 2017

PNNL-OHSU team part of NCI effort to bring proteogenomics to cancer patients The Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest…
Scientists follow the trail of gut fungi in search for sustainable fuels

June 14, 2017

Scientists are taking their cues from fungi in the digestive tracts of cows, goats and sheep in the…
Tackling infectious disease — one protein at a time

June 9, 2017

Garry Buchko and his colleagues are at the front line battling some of the most fearsome enemies that…
Fungal find offers new gateway into bioenergy research

May 24, 2017

Scientists have found a genetic modification in fungi that is more common than has been thought, offering scientists…
Controlling bacteria’s necessary evil

May 11, 2017

Germophobes – let’s chat. Microbes are everywhere – on every surface, every object, every plant and animal. Yes,…
Stress may protect — at least in bacteria

March 25, 2017

Antibiotic protects bacteria from acid — Study published in Cell Systems Antibiotics harm bacteria and stress them. Trimethoprim…
Scientists use parasite’s internal clock to attack sleeping sickness

March 25, 2017

The parasite that causes deadly sleeping sickness has its own biological clock that makes it more vulnerable to…
A new toolkit for rapid bacterial detection

March 20, 2017

Finding the right treatment plan for patients who have antibiotic-resistant infections is a costly and time-consuming effort. For…
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