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Researchers Reverse Dementia in Mice with an Asthma Drug

June 12, 2018

Researchers studying the aetiology and consequences of dementia often face difficulties in pinning down the exact cellular pathways…
Epilepsy study links mossy brain cells to seizures and memory loss

February 21, 2018

A small group of cells in the brain can have a big effect on seizures and memory in…
Delayed response times to a written word may be early signs of Alzheimer’s

October 22, 2017

Some people may have mild memory problems without an increased risk of Alzheimer‘s. However, it is one of…
New clues about the aging brain’s memory functions

June 30, 2016

A European study led by Umeå University Professor Lars Nyberg, has shown that the dopamine D2 receptor is…
Mimicking deep sleep brain activity improves memory

May 27, 2016

It is not surprising that a good night’s sleep improves our ability to remember what we learned during…
A study shows how the brain switches into memory mode

May 5, 2016

Researchers at the University of Bonn identify an important neuronal mechanism Researchers from Germany and the USA have…
In-vitro reproduction of long-lasting effects of stress on memory

April 14, 2016

A group of researchers at Osaka University, succeeded in reproduction of the same phenomenon as memory consolidation by…
Years of Marijuana Use Linked to Some Memory Problems Decades Later

February 11, 2016

Studies already have shown that daily, long-term marijuana use can impair cognitive function, but what about lower levels…
Scientists create a new novel technique to combat memory loss

October 24, 2015

Memory loss is not just a nice plot twist in old-fashioned soap operas. It is a real problem…
Promising class of new cancer drugs cause memory loss in mice

August 26, 2015

Cancer researchers are constantly in search of more-effective and less-toxic approaches to stopping the disease, and have recently…
Study of ‘senior citizen’ marine snails uncovered how nerve cells fail during learning

August 1, 2015

UM Rosenstiel School scientists show underlying mechanism that control age-related memory loss A new research study on marine…
Poor sleep linked to toxic buildup of Alzheimer’s protein, memory loss

June 1, 2015

Berkeley neuroscientists connect a deficit of restorative slumber to an accumulation of beta-amyloid Sleep may be a missing…
Flies show the true value of sleep

April 24, 2015

An international study on sleep and learning in flies has shown a good night’s sleep might be vital…
Researchers switch emotion linked to memory

August 27, 2014

Recalling an emotional experience, even years later, can bring back the same intense feelings. Researchers from the RIKEN-MIT…
Seeing the Glass as Half Full: Taking a New Look at Cognition and Aging

July 19, 2014

From a cognitive perspective, aging is typically associated with decline. As we age, it may get harder to…
Arthritis drug shown to slow Alzheimer’s down

July 17, 2014

A drug that is commonly used for arthritis has been shown to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s.…
Reason behind memory loss in HIV patients linked to dormant infection in the brain

March 24, 2014

Once a certain death sentence, HIV can now be managed as a chronic, but still serious, condition. Unfortunately…
Researchers find ECT can rid the mind of selected memory

December 27, 2013

Neurons. Image credit: Denis Burdakov A team of researchers working in the Netherlands has found that partial selective…
Update: Stress makes snails forgetful

November 14, 2013

New research on pond snails has revealed that high levels of stress can block memory processes. Researchers from…
Bone Hormone Influences Brain Development and Cognition

September 27, 2013

Findings could lead to new treatments for memory loss, anxiety, and depression Researchers from Columbia University Medical Center…
A major cause of age-related memory loss identified

August 29, 2013

Study points to possible treatments and confirms distinction between memory loss due to aging and that of Alzheimer’s…
Study in mice yields Angelman advance

February 20, 2013

In the journal PLoS Biology, a team of scientists reports experiments showing how the gene defect of Angelman syndrome…
Poor sleep in old age prevents the brain from storing memories

January 28, 2013

The connection between poor sleep, memory loss and brain deterioration as we grow older has been elusive.  But…
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