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Informatics Accelerates Design of Hybrid Membrane Materials for Chemical Separations

November 11, 2019

Vast amounts of energy are consumed each year for chemical separation processes – a precursor to the production…
A microscopic topographic map of cellular function

June 13, 2019

A decade of research leads MU scientists to a better understanding of how materials move out of cells.…
Mechanism helps explain the ear’s exquisite sensitivity

January 16, 2019

The human ear, like those of other mammals, is so extraordinarily sensitive that it can detect sound-wave-induced vibrations…
Discovery adapts natural membrane to make hydrogen fuel from water

January 11, 2019

Scientists adapt natural membrane to make renewable fuels. A chemical reaction pathway central to plant biology have been…
The nanotopography of an atomic world

January 7, 2019

Nanoscale materials are at the forefront of solving some of the world’s biggest engineering challenges. With everything from…
Carbon nanotubes mime biology

December 18, 2018

Cellular membranes serve as an ideal example of a system that is multifunctional, tunable, precise and efficient. Efforts…
Graphene Can Stretch to Be a Tunable Ion Filter

November 27, 2018

NIST researchers carried out simulations of a graphene membrane featuring oxygen-lined pores and immersed in a liquid solution…
Synergy in two-dimensional materials, membranes research clear in professor’s new work

October 18, 2018

Where researchers who worked with two-dimensional materials and those who worked with membranes were once separate, synergistic opportunities…
3D electron microscopy uncovers the complex guts of desalination membranes

September 18, 2018

Careful sample preparation, electron tomography and quantitative analysis of 3D models provides unique insights into the inner structure…
Self-healing reverse filter opens the door for many novel applications

August 30, 2018

A self-healing membrane that acts as a reverse filter, blocking small particles and letting large ones through, is…
Filters That Use Nanoparticles to Prevent Slime Build-up

November 3, 2017

Filtration membranes are, at their core, sponge-like materials that have micro- or nanoscopically small pores. Unwanted chemicals, bacteria…
Computers learn to recognize molecules that can enter cells

November 16, 2016

A team of researchers from UCLA and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign originally set out to discover…
Simulations show how to turn graphene’s defects into assets

October 13, 2016

Researchers at Penn State, the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company…
Fuel cell membrane patented by Sandia outperforms market

September 9, 2016

Fuel cells provide power without pollutants. But, as in the Goldilocks story, membranes in automobile fuel cells work…
Group creates planar bacterial surface for antibacterial study

September 9, 2016

If you want to know if a compound is antibacterial, you can throw it into a petri dish…
Study reveals new physics of how fluids flow in porous media

August 24, 2016

One of the most promising approaches to curbing the flow of human-made greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is…
‘Second skin’ uniform protects soldiers from biological and chemical agents in the field

August 4, 2016

In work that aims to protect soldiers from biological and chemical threats, a team of Lawrence Livermore National…
Bad diet damages the immune system even before it turns to fat

July 20, 2016

A new study has shown that a junk food diet high in saturated fat begins to harm our…
Scientists create new thin material that mimics cell membranes

July 20, 2016

Nature-inspired synthetic membranes could aid water purification, energy, and healthcare needs Materials scientists have created a new material…
Moms can transmit psychiatric trouble to kids: study

May 17, 2016

Individual symptoms, such as anxiety, avoidance and a heightened response to stress, can be transmitted from mother to…
Gentle strength for robots

May 14, 2016

In interacting with humans, robots must first and foremost be safe. If a household robot, for example, encounters…
Team develops new method to study mitochondrial DNA diseases

May 11, 2016

A UCLA-led team of researchers has demonstrated a new method to conduct research on mitochondrial DNA diseases —…
Beneficial biofilm works as a ‘probiotic’ to control biofouling

May 5, 2016

A team of chemical engineers at Penn State has developed a beneficial biofilm with the ability to prevent…
Scientists at the University of East Anglia are getting closer to solving the problem of antibiotic resistance

February 25, 2016

New research published in the journal Nature reveals the mechanism by which drug-resistant bacterial cells maintain a defensive…
Breaking through the bacteria barrier

February 20, 2016

Genetically engineering any organism requires first getting its cells to take in foreign DNA. To do this, scientists…
Imaging with an “optical brush”

February 13, 2016

Researchers at the MIT Media Lab have developed a new imaging device that consists of a loose bundle…
Mismatched missiles

February 9, 2016

Membrane attack complexes (MACs) are structures made of proteins that assemble in the body when an infection is…
Newly identified enzyme may be the culprit in Pierce’s disease grapevine damage

January 13, 2016

UC Davis plant scientists have identified an enzyme that appears to play a key role in the insect-transmitted…
Research project ripe for fruit quality breakthrough

December 18, 2015

It is one of life’s little disappointments: that piece of fruit so fresh in the grocery store turns…
Scientists Blueprint Tiny Cellular ‘Nanomachine’

December 18, 2015

Scientists have drawn up molecular blueprints of a tiny cellular ‘nanomachine’, whose evolution is an extraordinary feat of…
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