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Mars Express Saw the Same Methane Spike that Curiosity Detected from the Surface of Mars

April 5, 2019

If you’re not a chemist, an astrobiologist, or a scientist of any sort, and that includes most of…
This Crater on Mars Traps the Cold, and Remains Filled With Ice, All Year Round

December 22, 2018

On June 2nd, 2003, the European Space Agency’s Mars Express mission left Earth to begin its journey to…
Scientists have Spotted what is Likely to be a Lake of Liquid Water on the Surface of Mars

July 26, 2018

Coming on the heels of much speculation over tiny, fleeting bits of water on the surface of the…
This Stunning Photo Shows the Martian Dust Storm as it was Just Getting Going

July 23, 2018

The weather patterns on Mars are rather fascinating, owing to their particular similarities and differences with those of…
Crater Neukum named after Mars Express founder

January 20, 2018

A fascinating martian crater has been chosen to honour the German physicist and planetary scientist, Gerhard Neukum, one…
Exploring alien worlds with lasers

January 11, 2018

In everyday life we look and touch things to find out what they are made of. A powerful…
Mars upside down

December 18, 2017

Which way is up in space? Planets are usually shown with the north pole at the top and…
Fracture swarms on Mars

November 19, 2017

These striking features on Mars were caused by the planet’s crust stretching apart in response to ancient volcanic…
Webcam on Mars Express surveys high-altitude clouds

October 18, 2017

An unprecedented catalogue of more than 21 000 images taken by a webcam on ESA’s Mars Express is…
Colourful dunes on wind-swept Mars

October 6, 2017

Dunes are prominent indicators of prevailing winds, as can be seen on this crater floor on Mars, imaged…
VMC went pro and goes great

October 1, 2017

In the past fortnight, the VMC camera on Mars Express has delivered some of the best images ever,…
Preserving the stress of volcanic uprise on Mars

August 10, 2017

An ancient mountain range on Mars preserves a complex volcanic and tectonic past imprinted with signs of water…
For Moratorium on Sending Commands to Mars, Blame the Sun

July 16, 2017

This month, movements of the planets will put Mars almost directly behind the sun, from Earth’s perspective, causing…
Tributes to wetter times on Mars

July 13, 2017

A dried-out river valley with numerous tributaries is seen in this recent view of the Red Planet captured…
Machine learning and DataViz 2-Day hackathon

May 23, 2017

HubRaum is a startup space in Krakow, Poland Credit: HubRaum 2-Day Hackathon &€“ Data Adventures 30 hours of coding.…
Crater triplets on Mars

April 7, 2017

At first glance this scene may seem nothing out of the ordinary, but the large elongated crater marks…
Remnants of a mega-flood on Mars

March 3, 2017

  ESA’s Mars Express has captured images of one of the largest outflow channel networks on the Red…
Swirling spirals at the north pole of Mars

February 3, 2017

A new mosaic from ESA’s Mars Express shows off the Red Planet’s north polar ice cap and its…
NASA Radio on Europe’s New Mars Orbiter Aces Relay Test

November 30, 2016

Data from each of the two rovers active on Mars reached Earth last week in the successful first…
Schiaparelli Impact Site on Mars, in Color

November 4, 2016

On Nov. 1, 2016, the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter observed…
A record of ancient tectonic stress on Mars

November 4, 2016

Sets of ridges and troughs some 1000 km north of the giant Olympus Mons volcano contain a record…
Some Ancient Mars Lakes Came Long After Others

September 16, 2016

Lakes and snowmelt-fed streams on Mars formed much later than previously thought possible, according to new findings using…
Spotlight on Schiaparelli’s landing site

August 12, 2016

Schiaparelli, the Entry, Descent and Landing Demonstrator Module of the joint ESA/Roscosmos ExoMars 2016 mission, will target the…
ExoMars: A little help from friends

June 17, 2016

ESA’s first Mars orbiter will provide an important helping hand when the second arrives at the Red Planet…
Mars Webcam goes pro

May 26, 2016 A modest ‘webcam’ on Mars Express has proven useful for outreach, education and citizen-science. Now ESA have…
Are mystery Mars plumes caused by space weather?

May 24, 2016

Mysterious high-rise clouds seen appearing suddenly in the martian atmosphere on a handful of occasions may be linked…
Frosty martian valleys

March 25, 2016

Nestled within the fractured rim of a vast impact basin on Mars are valley floors dusted in frost.…
Footprints of a martian flood

February 19, 2016

Water has left its mark in a variety of ways in this martian scene captured by ESA’s Mars…
Martian labyrinth

January 29, 2016

This block of martian terrain, etched with an intricate pattern of landslides and wind-blown dunes, is a small…
Mesas and wind gullies in Aeolis Mensae on Mars

December 22, 2015

One of the most striking features of a global view of Mars is the dichotomy between the topographically…
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