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Using both marijuana and alcohol during early pregnancy may increase the likelihood of disrupting fetal development

November 11, 2019

New preclinical research reported in animal models shows that exposure to compounds found in marijuana called cannabinoids (CBs),…
Scientists say that drug dependency in women is greatly underestimated

October 23, 2019

Recreational use of cannabis is legalized in more and more countries. Many people celebrate it as a major…
Marijuana use may not make parents more ‘chill’

July 18, 2019

Sorry, marijuana moms and dads: Using pot may not make you a more relaxed parent, at least when…
Using Marijuana to Treat Glaucoma

July 18, 2019

Marijuana increased in popularity in the mid-1970s when there was interest in cannabinoids for reduction in intraocular pressure…
Program aims to lessen conflict between cannabis growers and conventional farmers

July 12, 2019

As the cannabis industry in Southern Oregon continues its rapid upward trajectory, Oregon State University Extension is taking…
Legalized Cannabis Brings New Challenges for Health Care Providers

June 5, 2019

As more state laws shift to allow medicinal and recreational cannabis use, an unexpected but serious side effect has…
Marijuana use episodes linked to partner intimacy experiences

May 23, 2019

Marijuana use episodes among couples who frequently use the drug increase the likelihood of experiencing intimacy events, according…
Legal Marijuana Reduces Chronic Pain, But Increases Injuries and Car Accidents

May 16, 2019

The legalization of recreational marijuana is associated with an increase in its abuse, injury due to overdoses, and…
Study will test pot’s effects on infants’ brain development

May 14, 2019

UW Medicine researchers are recruiting pregnant women to study whether prenatal marijuana use – in the absence of…
People on cannabis are dangerous on the road, but not as much as you think

May 12, 2019

The use of cannabis is on the rise. And it will be for a very long time, because…
To test the munchies, researchers offer a choice: chips or an orange?

April 25, 2019

Picture this: Researchers attending a cannabis decriminalization event ask attendees, who are high on marijuana, to fill out…
Cannabis during pregnancy bumps psychosis risk in offspring

March 29, 2019

Pregnant women who use cannabis may slightly increase the risk their unborn child will develop psychosis later in…
Cannabis plant. Free image via Pixabay
Yeast produce low-cost, high-quality cannabinoids

February 28, 2019

UC Berkeley synthetic biologists have engineered brewer’s yeast to produce marijuana’s main ingredients—mind-altering THC and non-psychoactive CBD—as well…
Parents: Keep Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Away from Children

February 20, 2019

The legalization of medical marijuana in about two-thirds of U.S. states has led to growing concern about how…
Underage marijuana use and impaired driving common in Colorado and Washington where marijuana is legalized

February 13, 2019

A new study by the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, published in the International Journal of Drug Policy,…
New system for hydroponic farming aids cannabis cultivation

January 17, 2019

While sun-grown marijuana in soil is a traditional part of the cannabis industry, it is an approach that…
Many users prefer medical marijuana over prescription drugs

January 17, 2019

As more states legalize cannabis consumption, many more people will likely use medical marijuana as a supplement to…
Pot withdrawal eased for dependent users

December 7, 2018

A new drug can help people diagnosed with cannabis use disorder reduce withdrawal symptoms and marijuana use, a…
Marijuana use among US college students remains at highest level in three decades

September 10, 2018

College students’ use of marijuana was at the highest levels seen in the past three decades in 2016,…
This Is (Actually, Accurately) Your Brain on Drugs

August 29, 2018

Jessica usually smokes cannabis five days a week, mostly at the end of the day, often while reading.…
Marijuana Found in Breast Milk up to Six Days after Use

August 27, 2018

ith the legalization of marijuana in several states, increased use for both medicinal and recreational purposes has been…
Second study finds Oregon college students reporting more marijuana use following legalization

July 19, 2018

College students at two large public universities in Oregon are reporting more use of marijuana following the drug’s…
FDA Approves Landmark Marijuana-Derived Drug First Tested at UCSF

July 9, 2018

For the first time, a drug derived from marijuana has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration,…
Risky sexual behavior stems from physical abuse for boys, marijuana use for girls: study

April 10, 2018

What leads to risky sexual behavior in adolescence seems to vary by gender, according to new research from…
Marijuana Should Be Packaged, Regulated Following Tobacco Control Best Practices

February 14, 2018

California already has the nation’s largest medical marijuana market, and this year is expected to have the world’s…
Cannabis linked to bipolar symptoms in young adults

December 1, 2017

Cannabis use in youth is linked to bipolar symptoms in young adults, finds new research by the University…
Legalizing marijuana should not include smoked form, experts say

September 11, 2017

As several states continue the debate over legalizing marijuana for recreational use, three University of Michigan researchers urge…
Scientists Lay the Groundwork for a Reliable Marijuana Breathalyzer

July 6, 2017

Marijuana is now legal for recreational or medicinal use in at least 28 states and the District of…
Marijuana can increase a teenager’s risk of psychosis

July 6, 2017

Going from an occasional user of marijuana to a weekly or daily user increases an adolescent’s risk of…
Why pot-smoking declines — but doesn’t end — with parenthood

June 1, 2017

Adults who smoke marijuana often cut back after becoming parents — but they don’t necessarily quit. The influence…
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