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Men think they are excellent liars, women – not so much

January 6, 2020

Get caught lying once and no one will believe you ever again. That is a problem that every…
You think you can recognize a liar? You probably cannot

October 20, 2018

Can you tell when someone is lying to you? Many people think that they can detect the most…
Frankly, do we give a damn…? Study finds links between swearing and honesty

January 17, 2017

It’s long been associated with anger and coarseness but profanity can have another, more positive connotation. Psychologists have…
Mechanism of lying – small lies escalate to bigger ones very quickly

November 4, 2016

Everybody lies. Whether you admit or not, you lie too from time to time. However, is lying good…
Telling Little Lies may Lead down a Slippery Slope, Increasing Magnitude of Lying over Time

October 25, 2016

According to neuroscientists at the University College London’s Brain Lab, telling little fibs may lead down a slippery…
More intelligent children are better liars: link between lying and verbal working found

June 22, 2015

Lying is inevitable part of our everyday lives. Sometimes we lie, sometimes we are lied to. Sometimes it…
Is lying socially transmitted?

October 20, 2014

Lying is a prevalent phenomena. In fact, diary studies reveal that people lie in one out of four…
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