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Summit to tackle tricky problems of aging and dementia


Human life expectancy has more than doubled over the last century, and this sudden leap in longevity is…
Pancreatic cancer patient realizes her gift of longevity

July 23, 2019

While weeding in her north Seattle garden, Miggie Olsson discusses how she, as a patient, became a unicorn. She…
Alzheimer’s Disease is a ‘Double-Prion Disorder,’ Study Shows

May 7, 2019

Two proteins central to the pathology of Alzheimer’s disease act as prions — misshapen proteins that spread through…
‘Longevity gene’ responsible for more efficient DNA repair

April 23, 2019

Explorers have dreamt for centuries of a Fountain of Youth, with healing waters that rejuvenate the old and…
Long-lived Bats Appear to Hold Secrets of Mammal Longevity

April 11, 2019

University of Maryland researchers analyzed a DNA-based evolutionary tree for a majority of known bat species and found…
Lifespan Links

April 8, 2019

Scientists have known for decades that caloric restriction leads to a longer lifespan. It has also been observed…
’Longevity Protein’ Rejuvenates Muscle Healing in Old Mice

February 18, 2019

One of the downsides to getting older is that skeletal muscle loses its ability to heal after injury.…
Longevity primarily hereditary in extremely long-living families

January 8, 2019

Longevity is heritable, but that primarily applies to persons from families where multiple members are among the top…
Sex Chromosomes Hold the Secret to Female Longevity

December 19, 2018

Around the world, women outlive men. This is true in sickness and in health, in war and in…
Perspective: Adequate Consumption of ‘Longevity’ Vitamins Could Prolong Healthy Aging, Nutrition Scientist Says

October 17, 2018

A detailed new review of nutritional science argues that most American diets are deficient in a key class…
A daily dose of aspirin doesn’t help older people to stay healthy

October 3, 2018

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. That is how that old saying goes, but some people…
Longer daily fasting times improve health and longevity in mice

September 13, 2018

Increasing time between meals made male mice healthier overall and live longer compared to mice who ate more…
Biochemists follow clues toward Alzheimer’s, cancer, longevity

July 3, 2018

James McNew’s and Michael Stern’s biochemical hunt for the root cause of a rare, paralyzing genetic disorder is…
Odds of living to 110-plus level out — once you hit 105

July 3, 2018

Want to be a supercentenarian? The chances of reaching the ripe old age of 110 are within reach…
Even light exercising helps reducing risk of death for older men

February 22, 2018

We know that life is short and we want to enjoy it for as long as we can.…
Scientists found a way to enhance longevity by 10 %

December 1, 2017

Everyone wants to live longer and scientists are trying to fulfil this demand. There is a general belief…
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