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LG Presents the World’s First Roll-Up TV at Electronics Show in Las Vegas

January 8, 2019

The latest salvo in the race for a solution to the massive amount of space taken up by…
LG Chem Global Innovation Contest 2018 (GIC 2018)

August 10, 2018

This competition-based program is a platform for research collaboration designed by LG Chem that will be initiated with…
Fingerprint Reader Underneath Smartphone Glass

May 2, 2016

LG made an under glass fingerprint sensor module, that allows to place your finger on the cover glass…
Projector With Short Distance Focus

September 17, 2015

LG’s MiniBeam PF1000U, is a projector that uses a Short Distance Focus technique to project a large screen…
Double-sided 111-inch 4K OLED TV

September 8, 2015

LG made 111 inches big a double sided 4k OLED TV. The massive, unique display is being shown off…
LG unveils “Life Band Touch” wearable health care wristband device

January 6, 2014

The South Korean electronics manufacturer LG Electronics has unveiled its first wearable health care wristband device called “Life Band Touch”.…
LG teases its “WebOS TV” ahead of its CES 2014 press event

January 6, 2014

LG Electronics will unveil ‘WebOS’ Smart TV at CES 2014 press event today. According to LG’s blog the…
LG unveils curved-screen smartphone

October 28, 2013

Image provided by LG Electronics on October 28, 2013 shows the company’s new “G-Flex” smartphone, which uses flexible…
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