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The more you speak to your children, the smarter they are going to be

April 30, 2019

You learn as you go. This is how you learned to walk, to speak, to read and to…
A change in diet may have transformed human language

March 28, 2019

Diet-induced changes in the human bite resulted in new sounds, such as “f”, in languages all over the…
Twitter after high-profile events: how language impacts message engagement

January 22, 2019

For those connected to social media, it is not uncommon to turn to Twitter during high-profile events. In…
Why some words are so darn funny

November 30, 2018

Upchuck, bubby, boff, wriggly, yaps, giggle, cooch, guffaw, puffball and jiggly: these are the top 10 funniest words…
Two-step training helps robots interpret human language

November 13, 2018

To robots, humans’ instructions are incredibly complex. Even a relatively simple command like “Go to the house, passing…
Sense of sight is the most important for humans, right? Your hierarchy of senses is not objective

November 11, 2018

Humans have many senses – it’s a myth that there are only 5. However, there are 5 senses…
What was orange first – the colour of the fruit?

November 10, 2018

Orange fruit is delicious. It is sweet and sour and just great. It is also orange, which is…
Bilingual children’s storytelling vocabulary in both languages matches that of monolinguals: study

November 7, 2018

Bilingual children use just as many words as monolingual children when telling stories in both their languages, contradicting…
Study challenges evolution of how humans acquired language

August 13, 2018

A gene implicated in affecting speech and language, FOXP2, is held up as a “textbook” example of positive…
Baby talk is not just annoying – it is actually helping the child to develop language skills

August 2, 2018

Some people get annoyed just hearing that. And then some people seem to enjoy it a little too…
LOL is not just “laughing out loud” – a new study showed that the function of a popular acronym has changed

July 27, 2018

Everything about our behaviour is worth researching, because we are not always completely aware why we do things…
Why we keep using ‘uh‘s’ and ‘uhm‘s’ in our language? When do these subconscious pauses occur?

May 27, 2018

Sometimes we cringe hearing recordings of our speech. It is usually because of unnecessary pauses and slow expression…
Dravidian language family is approximately 4,500 years old

March 28, 2018

The Dravidian language family, varieties of which are spoken by 220 million people across South Asia, is crucial…
Research sheds new light on prehistory of Dravidian languages and their speakers

March 23, 2018

The findings, published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, shed new light on the prehistory of these languages,…
Did you ask your dog who’s a good boy today? Scientists say you should do it more often

March 8, 2018

Answer honestly – when was the last time you asked your dog who‘s a good boy? People tend…
Study proposes practical solution to challenges faced by bilingual children

February 27, 2018

Researchers have made a major breakthrough in the assessment of language development among bilingual families and in the…
Scientists discover a brain signal that indicates if speech has been understood

February 26, 2018

Neuroscientists from Trinity College Dublin and the University of Rochester have identified a specific brain signal associated with…
Language not necessarily essential to complex thought and planning

February 6, 2018

New research from an international team of researchers suggests that the language system in the brain is not…
Being bilingual may help autistic children

January 18, 2018

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) often have a hard time switching gears from one task to another.…
Hearing different accents at home impacts language processing in infants

December 6, 2017

Infants raised in homes where they hear a single language, but spoken with different accents, recognize words dramatically…
Luck Plays a Role in How Language Evolves

November 3, 2017

Read a few lines of Chaucer or Shakespeare and you’ll get a sense of how the English language…
Dutch courage – Alcohol improves foreign language skills

October 23, 2017

A new study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, conducted by researchers from the University of Liverpool, Maastricht University and King’s College London,…
Researchers release largest ever public collection of British conversations

September 26, 2017

Language experts at Lancaster University and Cambridge University Press have published the largest ever public collection of transcribed…
Analyzing the language of color

September 19, 2017

The human eye can perceive millions of different colors, but the number of categories human languages use to…
How a robot is teaching language to preschool children

July 27, 2017

Researchers at Bielefeld University’s Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) are investigating what a robot needs to…
The Rhythms of Sign Language

July 17, 2017

From an outside perspective, understanding a spoken language versus a signed language seems like it might involve entirely…
Speaking after a stroke

July 14, 2017

After a stroke the affected persons often suffer from language problems since important areas of their language network…
Language shapes how the brain perceives time

April 28, 2017

Language has such a powerful effect, it can influence the way in which we experience time, according to…
Team measures effects of sentence structure in the brain

April 19, 2017

When we learn to read, we say one word at a time. But how does the brain actually…
Learning outdoors may significantly improve language skills of children

February 8, 2017

Developing language abilities is an essential part of child‘s education. Parents and teachers are trying to help children…
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