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Time to retire the ‘pristine myth’ of climate change

August 30, 2019

A new, global synthesis of regional archaeological knowledge on land-use changes over the past 10,000 years reveals that…
Help deter wildfires around homes with appropriate landscaping

June 3, 2019

Drawing a line around the house with fire-resistant landscapes can mean the difference between a home consumed by…
Animation Based on Satellite Data Shows SoCal “Breathing” Water

August 17, 2018

Their findings are presented in a study that tracks deformation of the earth’s surface over an 18-year period.…
50 year old mystery – did man-made fire change the landscape of grass plains in west Tasmania?

August 1, 2018

People love mysteries, therefore it is good we have so many – we will never lack a good…
Study Provides Long-term Look at Alaska’s Changing Ecosystems

June 13, 2018

New research has revealed significant changes to Alaska’s landscape in recent decades. During the past 32 years, about…
Landscape Ridges May Hold Clues about Ice Age and Climate Change

March 29, 2018

Take a drive through the countryside near the New Hampshire Seacoast and you might notice a series of…
Reduced mammal movement in human landscapes may affect ecosystem functions

February 2, 2018

Around the globe, mammals move distances two to three times less in human-modified landscapes than they do in…
Measure of age in soil nitrogen could help precision agriculture

July 26, 2016

What’s good for crops is not always good for the environment. Nitrogen, a key nutrient for plants, can…
Mile-High Mars Mounds Built by Wind and Climate Change

April 7, 2016

New research has found that wind carved massive mounds of more than a mile high on Mars over…
Geologic formation could hold clues to melting glacier floodwaters

December 24, 2015

Geologists investigating an unusual landform in the Wabash River Valley in southern Illinois expected to find seismic origins,…
Time to map the uncharted Antarctica

December 23, 2015

Two researchers from DTU Space are to collect data about Antarctica to reveal the uncharted landscape beneath the…
Studies of Recent and Ancient Nepal Quakes Yield Surprises

December 17, 2015

The devastating magnitude 7.8 Gorkha, Nepal earthquake in April 2015 triggered far fewer landslides and much less damage…
Small landscape changes can mean big freshwater gains

November 18, 2015

A typical bird’s-eye view of the Midwest offers a patchwork landscape covered mostly by agriculture but mottled with…
Study predicts bedrock weathering based on topography

October 30, 2015

Just below Earth’s surface, beneath the roots and soil, is a hard, dense layer of bedrock that is…
Enormous masses of water flowed through Mangala Valles and Minio Vallis on Mars

October 15, 2015

During Mars’ geological ‘Middle Ages’ – the Hesperian Period – which began 3.7 billion years ago and lasted…
How Wind Sculpted Earth’s Largest Dust Deposit

September 2, 2015

A team of UA geoscientists figured out how China’s Loess Plateau, a dust deposit the size of the…
NASA: California Drought Causing Valley Land to Sink

August 20, 2015

As Californians continue pumping groundwater in response to the historic drought, the California Department of Water Resources today…
Chinese cave ‘graffiti’ tells a 500-year story of climate change and impact on society

August 14, 2015

Unique inscriptions found in a cave in China, combined with chemical analysis of cave formations, show how droughts…
Unique environmental remediation project on steep canyon successfully completed

August 4, 2015

A multi-disciplinary team recently completed a unique remediation project at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) that involved removing…
Saharan ‘carpet of tools’ is the earliest known man-made landscape

March 12, 2015

Researchers used the new survey of the Messak Settafet to estimate that enough stone tools were discarded over…
Researchers turn to 3-D technology to examine the formation of cliffband landscapes

October 16, 2014

A blend of photos and technology takes a new twist on studying cliff landscapes and how they were…
Snail shells show high-rise plateau is much lower than it used to be

September 23, 2014

The Tibetan Plateau in south-central Asia, because of its size, elevation and impact on climate, is one of…
Study finds order in the apparent randomness of Earth’s evolving landscape

July 15, 2014

Stanford Earth scientists have created tools to analyze branched networks of Earth-bound channels formed by water and erosion.…
Predicting Changing River Landscapes

May 6, 2014

Rivers are an important part of our everyday lives. They provide water for drinking and irrigation and transport…
Measuring the migration of a river

March 7, 2014

Large river networks — such as those that funnel into the Colorado and Mississippi rivers — may seem…
Megafloods: What They Leave Behind

December 20, 2013

South-central Idaho and the surface of Mars have an interesting geological feature in common: amphitheater-headed canyons. These U-shaped…
How to manage nature’s runaway freight trains

October 28, 2013

Last month’s torrential rains and flooding in Colorado made headlines, but there’s another, far more common and growing…
New Maps Show the Way for Rangeland Management

July 31, 2013

A new tool for guiding decisions about rangeland restoration is now available, thanks to mapping innovations developed by…
Geochemical ‘fingerprints’ leave evidence that megafloods eroded steep gorge

July 31, 2013

The Yarlung-Tsangpo River in southern Asia drops rapidly through the Himalaya Mountains on its way to the Bay…
River deep, mountain high – new study reveals clues to lifecycle of worlds iconic mountains

June 28, 2013

Scientists have discovered the reasons behind the lifespan of some of the world’s iconic mountain ranges. The study…
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