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Summit simulates how humans will ‘brake’ during Mars landing

4 days ago

The type of vehicle that will carry people to the Red Planet is shaping up to be “like…
Image credit: NASA
NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover Tests Descent-Stage Separation

October 7, 2019

In this picture from Sept. 28, 2019, engineers and technicians working on the assembly and testing of the…
NASA is Testing a Drill to Search for Life on Mars – On Its Own

September 20, 2019

NASA has barely scratched the surface of Mars – literally. While past rovers have dug inches into the…
Speeded up 28 times, this time-lapse shows NASA's Mars 2020 rover on a spin table at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory on Aug. 29, 2019. Engineers were looking to establish the rover's center of gravity, or the point at which weight is evenly dispersed on all sides. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech
NASA’s Mars 2020 Comes Full Circle

September 13, 2019

Engineers took NASA’s Mars 2020 for a spin on Aug. 29, 2019. The 2,300-pound (1,040-kilogram) Martian vehicle was…
NASA Research Gives New Insight into How Much Atmosphere Mars Lost

September 6, 2019

A key tracer used to estimate how much atmosphere Mars lost can change depending on the time of…
Robotic Toolkit Added to NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover

August 16, 2019

The bit carousel — a mechanism that will play a key role in the acquisition, containment and eventual…
NASA ‘Optometrists’ Verify Mars 2020 Rover’s 20/20 Vision

August 6, 2019

Equipped with visionary science instruments, the Mars 2020 rover underwent an “eye” exam after several cameras were installed…
New Finds for Mars Rover, Seven Years After Landing

August 6, 2019

NASA’s Curiosity rover has come a long way since touching down on Mars seven years ago. It has…
Mars 2020 Rover: T-Minus One Year and Counting

July 18, 2019

The launch period for NASA’s Mars 2020 rover opens exactly one year from today, July 17, 2020, and…
Want to Colonize Mars? Aerogel Could Help

July 16, 2019

Raising crops on Mars is far easier in science fiction than it will be in real life: The…
NASA SLS Rocket Testing Ensures Astronaut Safety, Mission Success

July 11, 2019

As the world reflects on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo missions, NASA is looking forward to its next giant…
Mars 2020 Rover Gets a Super Instrument

July 4, 2019

Engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, have installed the SuperCam Mast Unit onto the Mars 2020 rover.…
NASA’s InSight Uncovers the ‘Mole’

July 2, 2019

Behold the “mole”: The heat-sensing spike that NASA’s InSight lander deployed on the Martian surface is now visible.…
NASA-Johnson-Built Device to Help Mars 2020 Rover Search for Signs of Life

June 13, 2019

Next summer, NASA is launching the Mars 2020 robotic rover to the Red Planet, loaded with equipment to…
NASA’s Mars Helicopter Testing Enters Final Phase

June 7, 2019

NASA’s Mars Helicopter flight demonstration project has passed a number of key tests with flying colors. In 2021,…
NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover Finds a Clay Cache

May 30, 2019

NASA’s Curiosity rover has confirmed that the region on Mars it’s exploring, called the “clay-bearing unit,” is well…
NASA Invites Media to Orion Abort Test Before Moon Missions with Crew

May 24, 2019

Media accreditation is open for an uncrewed flight test of the launch abort system of NASA’s Orion spacecraft…
NASA’s MRO Completes 60,000 Trips Around Mars

May 16, 2019

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter hit a dizzying milestone this morning: It completed 60,000 loops around the Red Planet…
NASA Awards $106 Million to US Small Businesses for Technology Development

May 15, 2019

Managing pilotless aircraft and solar panels that could help humans live on the Moon and Mars are among…
Why This Martian Full Moon Looks Like Candy

May 10, 2019

For the first time, NASA’s Mars Odyssey orbiter has caught the Martian moon Phobos during a full moon…
Things Are Stacking up for NASA’s Mars 2020 Spacecraft

April 19, 2019

For the past few months, the clean room floor in High Bay 1 at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory…
NASA Selects Two New Space Tech Research Institutes for Smart Habitats

April 9, 2019

As exploration missions venture beyond low-Earth orbit and to the Moon — and eventually Mars — NASA must…
NASA’s Mars Helicopter Completes Flight Tests

March 30, 2019

Since the Wright brothers first took to the skies of Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, Dec. 17, 1903,…
SLS Engine Section Approaches Finish Line for First Flight

March 23, 2019

NASA and Boeing have completed the majority of outfitting for the core stage engine section for the first…
NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover Is Put to the Test

March 20, 2019

In a little more than seven minutes in the early afternoon of Feb. 18, 2021, NASA’s Mars 2020…
NASA is With You When You Fly, Even on Mars

March 13, 2019

According to the 1958 law that established NASA, where the first “A” in NASA stands for aeronautics, the…
InSight Is the Newest Mars Weather Service

February 20, 2019

No matter how cold your winter has been, it’s probably not as chilly as Mars. Check for yourself:…
Six Things to Know About NASA’s Opportunity Mars Rover

February 14, 2019

After 15 years, the mission of NASA’s Opportunity rover has come to an end, but its successes on…
InSight's heat probe, called the Heat and Physical Properties Package (HP3). Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/DLR
NASA’s InSight Prepares to Take Mars’ Temperature

February 14, 2019

NASA’s InSight lander has placed its second instrument on the Martian surface. New images confirm that the Heat…
A Dune Field Near Nili Patera

February 12, 2019

In this image many sand dunes are visible. They have an elongated crescent form and are called “barchan…
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