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Low intelligence linked to suicide risk later in life

October 9, 2019

People with low scores on intelligence tests in adolescence run a higher risk of suicide and suicide attempt…
Narcissists are not as good critical thinkers as they think they are

September 3, 2019

Narcissus – is a genus of popular flowers. They are rather pretty, but they seem to be kind…
Capuchin monkeys have been using tools for thousands of years

June 26, 2019

Use of tools is one of the measures of intelligence. When human ancestors started using tools, they began…
Inattentive children earn less money when they grow up

June 20, 2019

Five- and six-year-old boys and girls who are inattentive in kindergarten are more likely to report lower incomes…
Answering too quickly slows learning

December 21, 2018

Careful deliberation before making a decision is critical to successfully learn a new task, more so than getting…
Intelligence is not enough to reach success

November 14, 2018

You’ve got to be smart so succeed in life. You have to study hard and be open to…
More than intelligence needed for success in life

November 12, 2018

Research carried out at the University of Adelaide and the University of Bristol has examined long-held beliefs that…
New Caledonian crows can create tools from multiple parts

October 24, 2018

An international team of scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology and the University of Oxford has…
Dog intelligence ‘not exceptional’

October 2, 2018

People who think dogs are exceptionally intelligent are barking up the wrong tree, new research shows. Scientists reviewed evidence…
Living in Areas with High Levels of Pollution Significantly Reduces Intelligence, Study Finds

August 28, 2018

Over and above the well-documented effects on general health, high levels of pollution may also lead to significant…
Neuroscientists uncover secret to intelligence in parrots

July 10, 2018

University of Alberta neuroscientists have identified what may underlay intelligence in parrots, and potentially provide more insight into…
Caltech Scientists Can Predict Intelligence from Brain Scans

July 5, 2018

Actually, to be more precise, the scientists themselves aren’t looking at your brain scan; a machine-learning algorithm they’ve…
Stay in school – just one additional year in school can increase person’s IQ by 1-5 points

June 28, 2018

Everyone wants to be smarter. If you are a parent, you wish your children were good and intelligent…
Hundreds of genes linked to intelligence

March 15, 2018

More than 500 genes linked to intelligence have been identified in the largest study of its kind, carried…
Scientists found genetics to be the biggest reason why people have different levels of intelligence

January 26, 2018

When you‘re applying for a job, they often assess your problem solving skills. But how much of it…
Visual intelligence is not the same as IQ

December 4, 2017

Just because someone is smart and well-motivated doesn’t mean he or she can learn the visual skills needed…
Good performance in multiplayer video games linked to higher intelligence

November 18, 2017

Scientists from the University of York in a recent study made a surprising discovery. They wanted to see…
Mind-Wandering Associated with Creativity and Intelligence

October 25, 2017

Whenever we find ourselves without a specific task to focus on, a highly correlated network of brain regions…
Researchers Develop New Tool to Assess Individual’s Level of Wisdom

September 21, 2017

Researchers at University of San Diego School of Medicine have developed a new tool called the San Diego…
Higher Exposure to Flame Retardants in Pregnant Women Leads to Lower IQ in Children

August 4, 2017

A hazardous class of flame retardant chemicals commonly found in furniture and household products damages children’s intelligence, resulting…
Smart children live longer – how did scientists figure this one out?

July 1, 2017

There is an old saying that being smart is bad for you. Smarter people are usually less social…
Older dads have ‘geekier’ sons

June 20, 2017

New King’s College London research suggests that sons of older fathers are more intelligent, more focused on their…
‘Smart Genes’ Account for up to 20% of Intelligence, Study Finds

May 23, 2017

While, at this point in time, it is abundantly clear that genes play some role in the development…
Elephants’ ‘body awareness’ adds to increasing evidence of their intelligence

April 14, 2017

Asian elephants are able to recognise their bodies as obstacles to success in problem-solving, further strengthening evidence of…
Attention Problems in Early Childhood Can Have Lasting Impact

July 8, 2016

Children with attention problems in early childhood were 40 percent less likely to graduate from high school, says…
Nature Versus Nurture

March 15, 2016

Scientists have long agreed that we humans are a complex combination of our inherited traits and the environments…
Genes Responsible for Intelligence also Lead to a Longer Lifespan, Experts Find

January 28, 2016

For the first time, scientists have shown that people with superior intellectual capabilities are also more likely to…
Intelligence ‘networks’ discovered in brain for the first time

December 23, 2015

Scientists from Imperial College London have identified for the first time 2 clusters of genes linked to human…
Is evolution more intelligent than we thought?

December 20, 2015

Evolution may be more intelligent than we thought, according to a University of Southampton professor. Professor Richard Watson…
The Fadeout Effect

December 7, 2015

The winner of a decades-old debate about what scientists call the fadeout effect — one of the most…
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