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Thermal conduction bent by magnetic field found in insulators

September 8, 2016

A research group at the University of Tokyo and their collaborators have observed a phenomenon similar to the…
Spinning Better Electronic Devices

March 3, 2016

A team of researchers, led by a group at the University of California, Riverside, have demonstrated for the…
To conduct, or to insulate? That is the question

July 7, 2015

A new study led by researchers from the University of Cambridge, has discovered mysterious behavior of a material…
The ceramic highway of electrons has just become faster and much better

June 18, 2015

If you put two ordinary electrical insulators into contact with each other you get – an insulator. Hardly…
From metal to insulator and back again

April 24, 2015

New work from Carnegie’s Russell Hemley and Ivan Naumov hones in on the physics underlying the recently discovered…
Team develops ultrathin polymer insulators key to low-power soft electronics

March 10, 2015

Daejeon, Republic of Korea, March 9th, 2015 – A group of researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of…
Good vibrations give electrons excitations that rock an insulator to go metallic

November 12, 2014

For more than 50 years, scientists have debated what turns particular oxide insulators, in which electrons barely move,…
New ‘topological insulator’ could lead to superfast computers

September 23, 2014

University of Utah engineers discovered a way to create a special material – a metal layer on top…
Controlling electron spins by light

March 28, 2014

The picture shows the characteristic spin texture (arrows) in a topological insulator (bottom) and how it is either…
Research brings new control over topological insulator

March 24, 2014

An international team of scientists investigating the electronic properties of ultra-thin films of new materials – topological insulators…
Advanced Light Source Provides a New Look at Vanadium Dioxide

October 31, 2013

A schematic of the crystal structures in VO2, showing the motion of the vanadium (black arrows) with respect…
Topological light: Living on the edge

October 22, 2013

Artistic rendering of real data and real SEM image (false colored) from experiment. The lit resonators show light…
Physicists pinpoint key property of material that both conducts and insulate

August 22, 2013

It is well known to scientists that the three common phases of water – ice, liquid and vapor…
Extreme insulating-to-conducting nanowires promise novel applications

June 25, 2013

Scientists are just beginning to discover and investigate materials that can change from insulators to conductors at room…
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