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How the Colon Prioritizes Gas Detox Over Energy Use

6 days ago

Onions, cabbage, garlic. While nutritious, eating these foods can lead to an embarrassing side effect: smelly flatulence. More…
Protozoans and pathogens make for an infectious mix

October 5, 2019

Single-celled organisms in the environment are protecting pathogenic bacteria and priming them for human infection, an international team…
Cooking Food Alters the Microbiome

October 1, 2019

Scientists at UC San Francisco and Harvard University have shown for the first time that cooking food fundamentally…
Biochemists grab slippery target: LRH-1

October 1, 2019

To fight fat, scientists had to figure out how to pin down a greasy, slippery target. Researchers at…
Arthritis Treatment Could Provide Relief for Lichen Planus Skin Rash

September 26, 2019

Constant itchy, painful bumps, scaly arms and legs, and damaged nails make lichen planus an inflammatory skin disease…
Achilles’ heel identified in several neurodegenerative diseases

September 25, 2019

Many neurodegenerative diseases have a common feature that may make them amenable to the same treatment, investigators at…
Strip Steak: Bacterial Enzyme Removes Inflammation-Causing Meat Carbohydrates

September 24, 2019

According to data from mice and African hunter-gatherers, red meat diets shift gut microbiomes to produce more sialidases…
Antibody “road block” enables fine-tuning for cardiac recovery, decreases risk of heart failure

September 20, 2019

More than one million Americans per year experience myocardial infarction, commonly known as a heart attack, as well…
French fries, spicy junk food. Image credit: Max Pixel, CC0 Public Domain
Humans More Unique than Expected When It Comes to Digesting Fatty Meals

September 13, 2019

People have very individualized inflammatory responses to eating a high-fat meal. These were the somewhat unexpected results of…
The diet-microbiome connection in inflammatory bowel disease

September 10, 2019

Much remains mysterious about the factors influencing human inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), but one aspect that has emerged…
Inflammation triggers silent mutation to cause deadly lung disease

August 30, 2019

Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have found that inflammation in the lungs of rats, triggered by something…
Scorpion Toxin That Targets ‘Wasabi Receptor’ May Help Solve Mystery of Chronic Pain

August 26, 2019

Researchers at UC San Francisco and the University of Queensland have discovered a scorpion toxin that targets the…
Why initial UTIs increase susceptibility to further infection

August 22, 2019

More than 60% of women will experience a urinary tract infection (UTI) at some point in their lives,…
Blocking Inflammatory Pathway Key to Preventing Brain Metastasis from Melanoma

August 22, 2019

Brain metastases are among the deadliest tumor metastases, with a median survival period of less than one year,…
Single Enzyme Helps Drive Inflammation in Mice, Provides Target for New Sepsis Drugs

August 16, 2019

Sepsis occurs when the body goes overboard in its attempt to fight off an infection. Immune cells rush…
Gut makeup could make diarrhea less likely

August 16, 2019

Antibiotics are known to upset the balance of bacteria in the intestinal tract. In some cases, antibiotics can…
Smoldering spots in the brain may signal severe MS

August 13, 2019

Aided by a high-powered brain scanner and a 3D printer, NIH researchers peered inside the brains of hundreds…
6 in 10 Kids Receive Opioids After Tonsillectomy, But Opioids May Not Prevent Complications

August 9, 2019

Sixty percent of privately insured children undergoing tonsil removal received opioids –with average prescriptions lasting about six to…
Study: Inflammation Persists in Sepsis Survivors

August 9, 2019

One out of four sepsis patients who survive their hospital stay have elevated levels of inflammation a year…
Shoebox-size breath analyzer spots deadly lung disease faster, more accurately than doctors

August 5, 2019

A small, portable breath monitor developed at the University of Michigan can quickly and accurately detect acute respiratory…
Psoriasis therapy linked to reduced coronary inflammation in patients with the skin condition

August 2, 2019

Researchers have found that anti-inflammatory biologic therapies used to treat moderate to severe psoriasis can significantly reduce coronary…
Time heals all wounds, but this adhesive can help

July 26, 2019

Cuts, scrapes, blisters, burns, splinters, and punctures – there are a number of ways our skin can be…
Allergy, Asthma Risk Are Increased by Microbial Compound in Infant Gut

July 23, 2019

A study of newborn infants has identified a compound produced by gut bacteria that appears to predispose certain…
Omega-6 fatty acid could help prevent heart disease

July 19, 2019

An omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid has the potential to help fight heart disease, finds a new study by…
Early drug intervention reduces risk of cardiovascular events in rheumatoid arthritis sufferers

July 18, 2019

People who develop rheumatoid arthritis as older adults benefit from early and sustained use of a drug called…
‘Magnetic’ air pollution putting city dwellers at risk of heart disease

July 16, 2019

The hearts of people living in highly polluted urban areas could be up to ten times more polluted…
Healthy blood vessels may be the answer to Alzheimer’s prevention

July 16, 2019

USC research into Alzheimer’s — which will be on display at the upcoming Alzheimer’s Association International Conference —…
Unexpected effect of MS drug

July 15, 2019

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have studied the mechanism of action of a drug used to treat…
Gene Switches for Brain Inflammation

July 15, 2019

A new study by Harvard Medical School scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital is offering clues about how to…
Study: Phenols in cocoa bean shells may reverse obesity-related problems in mouse cells

June 30, 2019

Scientists may have discovered more reasons to love chocolate. A new study by researchers at the University of…
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