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This Star has been Kicked Out of the Milky Way. It Knows What It Did.

March 18, 2019

Every once in a while, the Milky Way ejects a star. The evicted star is typically ejected from…
Star Killed its Companion, Now Escaping the Milky Way

November 7, 2018

Our universe is capable of some truly frightening scenarios, and in this case we have an apparent tragedy:…
The Milky Way Could Be Spreading Life From Star to Star

October 13, 2018

For almost two centuries, scientists have theorized that life may be distributed throughout the Universe by meteoroids, asteroids,…
Gaia Sees Stars Out in Deep Space, Flying Between Galaxies

October 5, 2018

In December of 2013, the European Space Agency (ESA) launched the Gaia mission. Since that time, this space…
The Tools Humanity Will Need for Living in the Year 1 Trillion

June 25, 2018

Since the 1990s, astrophysicists have known that for the past few billion years, the Universe has been experiencing…
Fastest stars in the Milky Way are ‘runaways’ from another galaxy

July 5, 2017

A group of astronomers have shown that the fastest-moving stars in our galaxy – which are travelling so…
Astronomers discover fastest ever unbound star in our galaxy

March 12, 2015

A fast-moving unbound star discovered by astronomers at Queen’s University Belfast has broken the galactic speed record. The…
‘Lopsided’ Supernova Could Be Responsible for Rogue Hypervelocity Stars

February 11, 2015

Hypervelocity stars have been observed traversing the Galaxy at extreme velocities (700 km/s), but the mechanisms that give rise to…
Planets Could Travel Along with Rogue ‘Hypervelocity’ Stars, Spreading Life Throughout the Universe

December 4, 2014

Back in 1988, astronomer Jack Hills predicted a type of “rogue”star might exist that is not bound to…
Nearest bright ‘hypervelocity star’ found

May 7, 2014

A University of Utah-led team discovered a “hypervelocity star” that is the closest, second-brightest and among the largest…
The Shocking Behavior of a Speedy Star

February 21, 2014

Roguish runaway stars can have a big impact on their surroundings as they plunge through the Milky Way…
Surprising new class of “hypervelocity stars” discovered escaping the galaxy

January 10, 2014

An international team of astronomers has discovered a surprising new class of “hypervelocity stars” – solitary stars moving…
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