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New system for hydroponic farming aids cannabis cultivation

January 17, 2019

While sun-grown marijuana in soil is a traditional part of the cannabis industry, it is an approach that…
Food revolution through hydroponics

May 5, 2017

Those walking into the University of Virginia’s Clark Hall find themselves face-to-face with a state-of-the-art hydroponics system. A…
Water-loving chemist also explores clusters of gold atoms

December 14, 2016

University of Nebraska-Lincoln chemist Xiao Cheng Zeng recently conducted a simple scientific test during lunch at a local Chinese…
Hydroponic project finds multiple benefits for health and sustainability

October 30, 2015

Hydroponic growing systems have more health and crop benefits compared to some soil-grown foods, a University of Nevada,…
‘The Martian’ Food-Growing System: It’s Here

October 7, 2015

“So, I’ve got to figure out a way to grow three years’ worth of food here — on…
Revolutionizing plant growth to feed the masses

December 30, 2013

Six years ago, then-16-year-old high school student Sanjay Rajpoot was channel surfing at his parents’ Santa Barbara, Calif.,…
Growing Hydroponic Strawberries in the Desert

December 6, 2013

Growing up in Tokyo, Chieri Kubota savored fresh strawberries brimming with flavor in the winter. Only when she…
GreenPower Program Engages Students with Hydroponics in a Box

July 5, 2013

Hydroponics, and other sustainable gardening and growing practices, are gradually becoming more widely used in Nevada not only…
Basil Grown Year Round in Alaska? Yes, and It’s Happening in A Shipping Container

May 28, 2013

What does a sustainable-minded farmer grow in Alaska where the average mean temperature is less than 30 degrees…
Startup Seeks to Shape Future of Urban Agriculture with Fish, Automation and Well Designed Hardware

January 21, 2013

Two young mechanical engineers, Brian Falther, 24, a 2010 graduate of Kettering University (Flint, Mich.) and Austin Lawrence, 21,…
Vegetables in the Sky: Year-Round Hydroponic Production on Urban Rooftops

December 11, 2012

Although the Swartz family has been farming for three generations, Joe Swartz’s Sky Vegetables in Amherst is very…
With Retirement on Horizon, Ohio Couple Launches Aquaponic Business

December 10, 2012

A few years ago, Jeni and Doug Blackburn were looking for a new business venture to embark upon…
Hydroponic Startup Seeks to Create Scalable, Sustainable and Affordable Model to Feed Cities

December 7, 2012

Cityblooms is a food revolution waiting to happen. The Santa Cruz startup is now developing a comprehensive system…
To Power Hydroponic Operations on the Cheap, Scientists Seek to Turn Wind into Water

November 13, 2012

Scarcity of clean water poses an enormous threat to food security around the world. Both in the developing…
Startup Bitponics Develops Device to Take Guesswork Out of Hydroponic Gardening

November 3, 2012

When Amit Kumar, co-founder of Bitponics moved from southern California to New York City, he gave up gardening, his passion…
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