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Physicists shed new light on how liquids behave with other materials

October 17, 2019

Using a range of theoretical and simulation approaches, physicists from the University of Bristol have shown that liquids…
Future Filters

August 21, 2018

The dynamics of water near solid surfaces play a critical role in numerous technologies, including water filtration and…
Newly developed tunable, green detergents could be ‘made-to-order’ for industry

January 3, 2018

That mascara that your colleague is wearing may contain components from a microorganism. Detergents, also known as surfactants,…
Sugarcoating, no — polymer coatings, yes!

October 20, 2015

The interplay of math and chemistry has long fascinated Malancha Gupta. An associate professor at the USC Viterbi…
Explained: Hydrophobic and hydrophilic

July 16, 2013

Sometimes water spreads evenly when it hits a surface; sometimes it beads into tiny droplets. While people have…
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