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Anatomy of a Human Heart

March 1, 2019

Each day, the average human heart beats about 100,000 times, pumping 2,000 gallons of blood through the body.…
Study reconstructs Neandertal ribcage, offers new clues to ancient human anatomy

November 9, 2018

An international team of scientists has completed the first 3D virtual reconstruction of the ribcage of the most…
First Full Network Model of the Musculoskeletal System

January 25, 2018

Network science examines how the actions of a system’s individual parts affect the behavior of the system as…
Public’s poor knowledge of anatomy may hamper healthcare

November 8, 2017

Middle-aged non-graduates scored better than young graduates in an anatomical quiz given to the public by researchers from Lancaster…
The brains of patients with schizophrenia vary depending on the type of schizophrenia

January 31, 2016

An international team, made up of researchers from the University of Granada, Washington University in St. Louis, and…
Theory linking brain activity to brain shape could throw light on human consciousness

January 28, 2016

UNSW scientists have shown that complex human brain activity is governed by the same simple universal rule of…
Larger (relative) brains = higher IQ

January 27, 2016

Why do humans and dolphins evolve large brains relative to the size of their bodies while blue whales…
‘Google Maps’ for the body: a biomedical revolution

March 30, 2015

A world-first UNSW collaboration that uses previously top-secret technology to zoom through the human body down to the…
Ancient Fossils Reveal Diversity in the Body Structure of Human Ancestors

March 10, 2015

Recently released research on human evolution has revealed that species of early human ancestors had significant differences in…
Study maps extroversion types in the brain’s anatomy

February 26, 2015

Everyday experience and psychological studies alike tell us that there are two different types of extroverts: The gregarious…
Cadavers beat computers for learning anatomy

October 16, 2014

Despite the growing popularity of using computer simulation to help teach college anatomy, students learn much better through…
Solving the mystery of Ned Kelly’s remains

October 3, 2014

For the first time since his death 136 years ago a comprehensive study of scientific evidence has revealed…
Molecular mechanism of head formation conserved from fly to human

August 19, 2014

Otx is a gene regulatory protein, a type of protein that acts as a switch turning gene expression…
Flores bones show features of Down syndrome, not a new ‘hobbit’ human

August 7, 2014

In October 2004, excavation of fragmentary skeletal remains from the island of Flores in Indonesia yielded what was…
New Approach to Remove Blood Clots

July 10, 2014

When a large blood clot was discovered attached to the end of a catheter inside the right atrial…
Hepatitis C may help transplant patients adapt to new liver

June 27, 2014

Transplant patients can develop tolerance to new livers even if they have hepatitis C, according to a new…
The science of anatomy is undergoing a revival

April 11, 2014

Your inner self. pureblacklove, CC BY-NC-SA Only two decades ago, when I was starting my PhD studies at the University…
The big male nose

November 18, 2013

New study explains why men’s noses are bigger than women’s Human noses come in all shapes and sizes.…
Surgeons describe new ligament in the human knee

November 5, 2013

Two knee surgeons at University Hospitals Leuven have provided the first full anatomical description of a previously enigmatic…
Evolved Fists or the Best Weapons at Hand?

February 27, 2013

My most memorable punch in the face was a beaut. Back during my first year of studying karate,…
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