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Gas vs. Electric? Fuel Choice Affects Efforts to Achieve Low-Energy and Low-Impact Homes

May 24, 2019

If you want to make your home as energy-efficient and green as possible, should you use gas or…
An energy-efficient way to stay warm: Sew high-tech heating patches to your clothes

December 31, 2018

What if, instead of turning up the thermostat, you could warm up with high-tech, flexible patches sewn into…
Fast vibrations can cause tiny amounts of liquid to boil

September 26, 2018

Our world is constantly moving. Even things that appear to be standing still are actually in motion. Skyscrapers…
More than 100 Bosch boilers for clean air in Beijing

July 27, 2018

For replacing existing heating boilers in Beijing, Bosch Thermotechnology received three large orders for the delivery of 138…
Seasonal swings in U.S. distillate inventories lower as consumption patterns change

September 5, 2017

Changes in demand trends have significantly reduced the patterns of seasonality in U.S. distillate markets. Historically, distillate use…
Natural gas inventories end heating season above five-year average

April 23, 2017

Working natural gas in storage as of March 31, the traditional end of the heating season, totaled 2,051…
Engineers test heated pavement technology at Des Moines International Airport

March 29, 2017

Iowa State University’s Halil Ceylan picked up his smartphone, opened up an app and called up the remote…
Danes use less energy on heating

December 16, 2016

Denmark has an historically low real consumption of energy for heating, which has been ascertained by researchers at…
Salt and solar heat can power future houses

May 26, 2016

There is a huge potential in using renewable energy sources such as solar energy to heat buildings. Still,…
Warmer weather, lower energy prices are reducing home heating expenditures

January 18, 2016

Warmer temperatures and lower energy prices have contributed to a reduction in EIA’s current forecast average heating expenditures…
Heating and cooling with light leads to ultrafast DNA diagnostics

August 3, 2015

New technology developed by UC Berkeley bioengineers promises to make a workhorse lab tool cheaper, more portable and…
New Air Recovery System Could Save Poultry Farmers Millions Annually

July 16, 2015

One of the largest variable expenses in poultry production is heating the barns in which chickens and turkeys…
UTS research makes desalination cheaper and greener

June 23, 2014

A new cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly method of desalination that could use up to 80 per cent less energy…
Efficient thermal cooling and heating

June 6, 2014

Thermal systems use heat to produce cold, and vice versa. To do so, a material is needed that…
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