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An atomic view of the trigger for the heartbeat

December 20, 2019

Atomic-level studies of the architecture of tiny sodium channel proteins,  critical to generating electrical signals that start off…
Bionic pacemaker slows progression of heart failure

November 13, 2019

Using brain circuits made in silicon, scientists have alleviated symptoms of heart failure by reinstating the body’s natural…
Radiation therapy effective against deadly heart rhythm

September 17, 2019

A single high dose of radiation aimed at the heart significantly reduces episodes of a potentially deadly rapid…
Study Cautions Against Catch-All Assumptions About LVADs

August 20, 2019

Left ventricular assist devices, or LVADs, have been shown to help leaky mitral valves that create significant regurgitation,…
Beta blockers reduce stress-induced irregular heart rhythm

June 5, 2019

Taking beta blockers — medications that reduce blood pressure and treat many heart conditions — can blunt the…
Ablation more effective than meds for heart-rhythm ailment

March 20, 2019

Using catheter ablation instead of standard drug therapy to treat the heart rhythm abnormality known as atrial fibrillation…
Smartphones could help diagnosis heart rhythm problems

March 7, 2019

Everyone has smartphones at this point in time. They have a million different functions and sometimes you just…
Researchers Develop New Highly Effective Wearable Device for Monitoring Epileptic Seizures

December 27, 2018

A research paper recently published by a group of Dutch scientists details a new wearable device, called NightWatch,…
Edging closer to personalized medicine for patients with irregular heartbeat

December 21, 2018

In 2015, then-President Barack Obama launched a precision medicine initiative, saying that its promise was “delivering the right…
Common heart condition linked to sudden death

September 28, 2018

A University of Adelaide-led team of researchers has found a link between sudden cardiac death (when the heart…
Genetics of heart rhythms explored in large population study

August 1, 2018

New knowledge about biological processes related to the heart’s electrical activity has been gained through a major genome…
Irregular heart rhythm is never actually resolved – the risk of getting a stroke remains after the treatment is over

May 16, 2018

Problems with the heart rhythm are quite common. However, quite often they are not difficult to treat, even…
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