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Loneliness and Transportation Among the Biggest Obstacles to Health in South Jersey

5 days ago

Loneliness is the one of the greatest challenges to public health in South Jersey. According to new research…
Young adults of South Asian descent face higher risk of prediabetes, diabetes

October 7, 2019

Compared to long-term residents, immigrants to Canada have a 40 per cent higher risk of developing prediabetes, which is an…
Risk of Heart Valve Infections Rising in Hospitals

October 3, 2019

People with heart disease or defective or artificial heart valves are at increased risk of developing a potentially…
Obesity: Unusual Suspect

September 23, 2019

Obesity affects approximately 40 percent of Americans, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While…
Heart Function: Built to Endure

September 20, 2019

Major physical changes occurred in the human heart as people shifted from hunting and foraging to farming and…
CAR T-Cell Therapy May Be Harnessed to Treat Heart Disease

September 12, 2019

CAR T-cell therapy, a rapidly emerging form of immunotherapy using patients’ own cells to treat certain types of…
Overweight and obesity levels dipping in Alberta preschoolers, but severe obesity unchanged

September 5, 2019

The number of overweight and obese preschool-aged children is on the decline in Alberta, but severe obesity remains…
An Apple a Day

August 30, 2019

Achieving or maintaining a healthy body weight is one key to preventing cardiovascular disease. But even experts don’t…
Heart - artistic interpretation. Image credit: geralt via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain
Rethinking seizures associated with cardiac disease

August 12, 2019

Most people with a medical condition called long QT syndrome have a mutation in a gene that causes…
Stress linked to worse outcomes for young women with heart disease

August 7, 2019

Stress is much more harmful for young and middle-aged women with cardiovascular disease than for other patients, new…
Paper trail leads to heart valve discoveries

August 6, 2019

Paper is at the heart of an experimental device developed by Rice University bioengineers to study heart disease.…
Complications from cardiac devices range widely from hospital to hospital

August 1, 2019

We expect quality from our healthcare systems and institutions. We need to be sure that we are getting…
Heart - artistic interpretation. Image credit: geralt via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain
Glowing cholesterol helps scientists fight heart disease

August 1, 2019

A newly developed technique that shows artery clogging fat-and-protein complexes in live fish gave investigators from Carnegie, Johns…
Heart - artistic interpretation. Image credit: geralt via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain
Heart cells’ environment a potentially major factor in heart disease

July 25, 2019

When it comes to heart disease, the health of the scaffold where cardiac cells grow may be a…
Omega-6 fatty acid could help prevent heart disease

July 19, 2019

An omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid has the potential to help fight heart disease, finds a new study by…
New Analysis Finds Vast Majority of Dietary Supplements to have no Effect on Heart Disease and Overall Lifespan

July 18, 2019

A massive new analysis published on 8 July in the Annals of Internal Medicine, which included findings from…
‘Magnetic’ air pollution putting city dwellers at risk of heart disease

July 16, 2019

The hearts of people living in highly polluted urban areas could be up to ten times more polluted…
Cardiac Genetic Mutation May Not Always Predict Heart Disease

July 15, 2019

Researchers at Penn Medicine and Geisinger find only 5 percent of patients with a mutation of the TTN…
Meta-study finds heart-healthy effects of soy over time – despite U.S. move to revoke health claims

July 10, 2019

Researchers at the University of Toronto have found a consistent cholesterol-lowering effect for soy protein after studying pooled…
Scientists hijack bacteria’s homing ability

July 5, 2019

In a world first, scientists have found a new way to direct stem cells to heart tissue. The…
Heart of the Matter

July 4, 2019

The Affordable Care Act expanded coverage and improved access to medical care for Americans with cardiovascular diseases—heart disease…
New research raises prospect of better anti-obesity drugs

June 28, 2019

Effective weight-loss strategies call for eating less food, burning more calories—or ideally, both. But for the more than…
Warm Up: Machine Learning with a Heart

June 28, 2019

Heart disease is the number one cause of death worldwide, so if you’re looking to use data science for…
Understanding and preventing heart disease

June 27, 2019

Thousands of people perish due to heart disease annually. Knowing what it is and ways to prevent it…
Cholesterol medication could invite diabetes, study suggests

June 26, 2019

A study of thousands of patients’ health records found that those who were prescribed cholesterol-lowering statins had at…
Cardiac-arrest detection developed for smart speakers

June 20, 2019

Almost 500,000 Americans die each year from cardiac arrest, when the heart suddenly stops beating. People experiencing cardiac arrest…
People with Untreated “White Coat Hypertension” Twice as Likely to Die from Heart Disease

June 17, 2019

White coat hypertension, a condition in which a patient’s blood pressure readings are higher when taken at the…
Red and White Meats Are Equally Bad for Cholesterol

June 5, 2019

Contrary to popular belief, consuming red meat and white meat, such as poultry, has equally negative effects on…
Research is ‘urgently needed’ on heart muscle disease in children

May 29, 2019

Cardiomyopathy is a heart condition involving abnormalities of the muscle fibers, which contract with each heartbeat. Nearly half…
Coming soon: A home blood test to better monitor chronic illnesses

May 28, 2019

In his lab, UdeM professor Alexis Vallée-Bélisle is busy perfecting a biosensor that patients with kidney disease, heart…
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