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Headphones That Learn and Adapt to Unique Hearing

May 17, 2016

Nura is a new headphone that automatically measure your hearing (from the outer ear all the way to…
Headphones Teach You How To Relax

April 28, 2016

Melomind headphones teach you how to relax efficiently. It doesn’t just play your music, it also comes with four EEG…
Wi-Fi hub for headphones and speakers

March 31, 2016

HUB is a Wi-Fi audio hub for headphones and speakers. It lets you instantly share wireless audio with multiple simultaneous…
Wireless Charging Sleep Headphones

November 3, 2015

SleepPhones is a wireless charging sleep headphones created to relieve stress by relaxing to music in bed. It is wireless…
Battery-free Headphone Amplifier

August 13, 2015

Aqua is battery free headphone amplifier, designed for headphones. Through MicroUSB and iOS Lightning, AQUA connects directly to mobile devices such…
Sleep Sensing Headphones

June 8, 2015

Kokoon is sleep sensing EEG headphones, comfortable to be slept in and smart to know how and when…
Bluetooth In-ear Headphones Allows To Record 3D Audio

May 28, 2015

OpenEars are Bluetooth in-ear headphones which allow you to record 3D audio and listen to binaural sounds where they happen…
Monster looks to rebuild brand after loss of Beats

December 30, 2013

This May 15, 2013 file photo shows hip-hop mogul Dr. Dre as he announces a $70 million dollar…
Avegant plans to show headset with virtual retinal display at CES

December 20, 2013

Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Avegant on Wednesday announced that a Kickstarter campaign will launch on January 22 on behalf…
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