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Two is My Limit

August 9, 2019

Afflicting more than one billion adults worldwide, migraine is the third most prevalent illness in the world. In…
‘Mystical’ Psychedelic Compound Found in Normal Brains

June 28, 2019

In the past few years, thrill-seekers from Hollywood, Silicon Valley and beyond have been travelling to South America…
Study offers a peek inside the brain during hallucinations

April 2, 2019

A new study by University of Oregon researchers offers clues to what happens in the brain when mice…
Hallucinations are caused by the Brain‘s Overcompensation for a Lack of Visual Data, Study Finds

March 27, 2019

Even though hallucinations are a fairly common occurrence in people with different types of mental illness, as well…
In dangerous fungal family’s befriending of plants, a story of loss

October 3, 2018

If Lewis Carroll had described in detail the mushroom Alice nibbles in Wonderland to shrink and grow to…
Pioneering technique helps people with schizophrenia control brain activity

February 13, 2018

For the first time, new research shows people with schizophrenia can train themselves to control brain regions linked…
New research links hallucinations to musical aptitude

December 18, 2017

New research published in Schizophrenia Research conducted at the University of Liverpool links brain structure to an individual’s likelihood of…
Researchers explore what happens when people hear voices that others don’t

August 11, 2017

People who hear voices — both with and without a diagnosed psychotic illness — are more sensitive than…
Study: Ketamine fails to treat pain, can cause hallucinations

June 2, 2017

To blunt postoperative pain and reduce the need for opioid drugs following surgery, anesthesiologists often give patients low…
Small RNA identified that offers clues for quieting the ‘voices’ of schizophrenia

November 29, 2016

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital scientists have identified a small RNA (microRNA) that may be essential to restoring…
New warning signs of mental health disorders

March 21, 2016

Healthy people who have occasional hallucinations or delusions are more likely to experience mood and anxiety disorders, University…
Hallucinations linked to differences in brain structure

November 17, 2015

The study, led by the University of Cambridge in collaboration with Durham University, Macquarie University, and Trinity College…
Rationalising the irrational

October 15, 2015

A bewildering and often very frightening experience in some mental illnesses is psychosis – a loss of contact…
How hallucinations emerge from trying to make sense of an ambiguous world

October 15, 2015

Take a look at the black and white image. It probably looks like a meaningless pattern of black…
The mind’s eye – the key to controlling Parkinson’s hallucinations?

June 27, 2015

Our ability to visually interpret the environment around us is easily taken for granted. But what about when…
Hallucinations and delusions more common than thought

May 29, 2015

Hallucinations and delusions in the general population are more common than previously thought. An international study led by…
Dreams, déjà vu and delusions caused by faulty ‘reality testing’

February 20, 2014

New research from the University of Adelaide has delved into the reasons why some people are unable to…
How the brain processes musical hallucinations

January 29, 2014

A woman with an “iPod in her head” has helped scientists at Newcastle University and University College London…
Listening to the inner voice

December 9, 2013

Inner Speech Loops. Credit: Perhaps the most controversial book ever written in the field of psychology, was…
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