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Big Sugar and neglect by global health community fuel oral health crisis

July 22, 2019

Oral health has been isolated from traditional healthcare and health policy for too long, despite the major global…
Root canal work not so bad after all

July 12, 2019

Root canal work is not as bad as people think when compared to other dental procedures. Self-reporting of…
Genes could play a role in tooth decay and gum disease

July 5, 2019

Tooth decay and gum disease impact on illness and healthcare spending, yet the role of genetics in dental…
Undetected diabetes linked to heart attack and gum disease

June 11, 2019

People with undetected glucose disorders run a higher risk of both myocardial infarction and periodontitis, according to a…
New technique could help regrow tissue lost to periodontal disease

March 26, 2019

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about half of all Americans will have periodontal…
Drivers of inflammation provide valuable targets for new gum disease therapies

October 25, 2018

T cells help fight off infection, but they can go overboard. A new study led by researchers at…
Much-needed new antibiotic shows great promise for treating gum disease

October 24, 2018

A new antibiotic being developed at theĀ University of Virginia School of Medicine appears ideal for battling periodontal disease,…
Researchers identify immune culprits linked to inflammation and bone loss in gum disease

October 19, 2018

An unhealthy population of microbes in the mouth triggers specialized immune cells that inflame and destroy tissues, leading…
Unraveling how stem cells from gum tissue accelerate wound healing

March 29, 2018

Ever notice how a cut inside the mouth heals much faster than a cut to the skin? Gum…
New Dental Imaging Method Uses Squid Ink to Fish for Gum Disease

September 8, 2017

Squid ink might be a great ingredient to make black pasta, but it could also one day make…
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