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Reactor Turns Greenhouse Gas Into Pure Liquid Fuel

September 3, 2019

Lab’s ‘green’ invention reduces carbon dioxide into valuable fuels. A common greenhouse gas could be repurposed in an…
The Uncertainties Around Algae for Biofuel

July 20, 2019

PNNL researchers develop new model for analyzing biocrude yield and economics. Could algae one day replace crude oil…
Turning the switch on biofuels

June 18, 2019

Plant cell walls contain a renewable, nearly limitless supply of sugar that can be used in the production…
Sustainability at Scale

April 24, 2019

Argonne’s commitment to green technologies, conservation and recycling make every day an Earth Day Argonne National Laboratory’s sustainability…
Stanford energy and environment experts examine strengths and weaknesses of the Green New Deal

April 3, 2019

The sweeping plan to overhaul transportation, energy and other sectors failed a recent U.S. Senate vote, but remains…
LLNL researchers launch collaboration with communities improve clean energy

March 14, 2019

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) recently launched a new initiative focused on sharing solutions developed at the Lab…
What if a border wall could pay for itself?

March 6, 2019

Building an energy corridor along the border instead of just a wall would be a ‘giant leap for…
DTU joins commission on green transition for passenger cars

March 4, 2019

It is now to be specified in concrete terms how the Danish Government’s objective to phase out petrol-powered…
Stronger, lighter, greener magnets

January 19, 2019

New Argonne invention could advance technologies from golf carts to wind turbines. A new magnet technology invented at…
Liquid hydrogen: Some like it cryogenic

October 15, 2018

Sandia promoting safety of liquid hydrogen fuel stations Sandia National Laboratories helped design the first generation of fueling…
LLNL maps out deployment of carbon capture and sequestration for ethanol production

April 25, 2018

To better understand the near-term commercial potential for capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), researchers from Lawrence…
New recyclable resin makes wind turbines much more sustainable

February 20, 2018

Fields of spinning wind turbines inspire thoughts of earth-friendly energy, but until now, generating wind power hasn’t been…
Wind energy team to compete nationally after winning Sandia Labs’ first pitch competition

November 28, 2017

In an effort to help researchers think about their ideas from a business perspective, Sandia National Laboratories collaborated…
Biofuels from bacteria

August 22, 2017

Sandia helps HelioBioSys understand new clean energy source You might not cook with this sugar, but from a…
Scientists build giant ‘molecular cages’ for energy conversion and drug delivery

June 29, 2017

Scientists from Trinity College Dublin and AMBER, the Science Foundation Ireland-funded materials science research center hosted in Trinity…
How Automotive Tech Advances are Making Cars More Eco-Friendly

June 23, 2017

The United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Agreement isn’t deterring American car manufacturers from pursuing — and eventually…
Scientific team develops nano-sized hydrogen storage system to increase efficiency

February 26, 2017

Lawrence Livermore scientists have collaborated with an interdisciplinary team of researchers, including colleagues from Sandia National Laboratories(link is…
The contradictory catalyst

January 25, 2017

Researchers find the key to speeding up the rate of reaction of a potential catalyst for energy storage…
Dutch Passenger Trains Will Run On Wind Energy

January 20, 2017

National Duch rail operator Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) announced that that 100 percent of its passenger trains will be…
Crystalline Fault Lines Provide Pathway for Solar Cell Current

September 28, 2016

New tomographic AFM imaging technique reveals that microstructural defects, generally thought to be detrimental, actually improve conductivity in…
Powered for life: Self-charging tag tracks fish as long as they swim

September 27, 2016

Long-living sturgeon, eels, lamprey could be tracked for decades With each swish of a tail, scientists now have…
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