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New satellite to measure plant health

November 20, 2015

ESA plans to track the health of the world’s vegetation by detecting and measuring the faint glow that…
GOCE helps tap into sustainable energy resources

April 20, 2015

Going far above and beyond its original mission objectives, results from the GOCE gravity satellite are now being…
The “Potsdam Gravity Potato” Shows Variations in Earth’s Gravity

December 1, 2014

People tend to think of gravity here on Earth as a uniform and consistent thing. Stand anywhere on…
First harvest of research based on the final GOCE gravity model

November 27, 2014

Just four months after the final data package from the GOCE satellite mission was delivered, researchers are laying…
GOCE reveals gravity dip from ice loss

September 29, 2014

Although not designed to map changes in Earth’s gravity over time, ESA’s extraordinary satellite has shown that the…
Lifetime of gravity measurements heralds new beginning

July 31, 2014

Although ESA’s GOCE satellite is no more, all of the measurements it gathered during its life skirting the…
Earth’s gravity scarred by earthquake

December 4, 2013

ESA’s GOCE satellite has revealed that the devastating Japanese earthquake of 2011 left its mark in Earth’s gravity…
GOCE Satellite Plunges Back to Earth Without Incident

November 12, 2013

ESA’s GOCE satellite has reentered Earth’s atmosphere, with most of the spacecraft disintegrating high in the atmosphere. There…
GOCE gives in to gravity

November 11, 2013

Close to 01:00 CET on Monday 11 November, ESA’s GOCE satellite reentered Earth’s atmosphere on a descending orbit…
Sleek GOCE Spacecraft Will Have Uncontrolled Re-entry into Earth’s Atmosphere

September 18, 2013

The sleek and sexy-looking GOCE spacecraft have been mapping Earth’s gravity for over four years, but soon its…
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