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NASA Smallsats Can Aid Hurricane Forecasts with GPS

October 8, 2019

Eight briefcase-size satellites flying in a row may be key to improving forecasts of a hurricane’s wind speed…
NASA Interns Develop and Release Navigation Software Simulating Star Tracker Navigation

July 30, 2018

Interning at NASA puts students at the center of innovation and discovery. For two students at NASA’s Marshall…
Satellites paint a detailed picture of maritime activity

January 22, 2018

ESA has helped coastal authorities to track up to 70% more ships and pick up nearly three times…
Crossing drones with satellites: ESA eyes high-altitude aerial platforms

November 28, 2017

ESA is considering extending its activities to a new region of the sky via a novel type of…
Galileo quartet fuelled and ready to fly

November 22, 2017

Europe’s next four Galileo navigation satellites and the Ariane 5 rocket due to lift them into orbit are…
Galileo begins serving the globe

December 16, 2016

Europe’s own Galileo satellite navigation system has begun operating, with the satellites in space delivering positioning, navigation and…
And yet it moves: 14 Galileo satellites now in orbit

May 25, 2016

Named for the astronomer who pinpointed Earth’s true position in the Solar System, the Galileo satellite navigation system…
Galileo signals covering more of the sky

February 2, 2016

Europe’s ninth and tenth Galileo satellites have started broadcasting working navigation messages. These two satellites were launched together…
Galileo’s dozen: 12 satellites now in orbit

December 18, 2015

The pace of deploying Europe’s own satellite navigation system continued to increase with today’s launch of the latest…
More Galileo satellites broadcasting navigation signals

December 2, 2015

Having completed their rigorous checks in space, two more of Europe’s Galileo satellites are now fully operational, broadcasting…
Galileo taking flight: ten satellites now in orbit

September 11, 2015

Europe’s own satellite navigation system has come a step nearer to completion today, with Galileo 9 and 10…
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