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Scientists found a way to easily improve gesture recognition, but you will still have to wave twice

June 28, 2019

We’ve been promised that we’ll be able to control our smart devices using gesture commands. And it looks…
Flying high: Computer graphics researchers make drone navigation easier

November 28, 2018

Drone operators struggling to fly the multi-propeller device and take pictures simultaneously could soon have a much simpler…
DTing: Easy-to-Operate Gesture Control Wristband System

January 30, 2018

A new era in the world of robotic control systems is upon us. Rather than be constrained by…
‘Revolutionary’ new gesture control tech turns any object into a TV remote

October 2, 2017

New gesture control technology that can turn everyday objects into remote controls could revolutionise how we interact with…
Researchers Develop a Low-power Always-on Camera With Gesture Recognition

August 13, 2016

Smart devices that wake up with voice commands have gained popularity in recent years, and now researchers at…
BMW showcases gesture control of the future

December 30, 2015

Everyone who had a chance to drive an old car and a modern one will agree that car…
Add Gesture Control To Any Smartwatch

June 26, 2015

Deus Ex Aria lets you control your devices with simple finger gestures. The technology recognizes finger gestures from the…
Game That Turns Your Smartphone Into A Motion Controller

March 19, 2015

Rolomotion is a technology that uses the gyroscope, magnetometer and accelerometer in the smartphone to precisely track its various…
Faster And Touchless Ultrasonic Gesturing For Mobile Devices

March 4, 2015

Eliptic Labs announced (at Mobile World Congress 2015) ultrasonic gesture technology, which has a remarkably large field of response for touchless gesturing.…
Continuous smartphone authentication based on hand motion parameters

January 7, 2015

Authentication is a vital tool required to ensure security of your private data – well, unless you disconnect all…
NRL Video Game Could Help Dog Handlers Train for Detecting IEDs, Illegal Drugs

October 29, 2014

Adam Moses is practicing dog command gestures with an Xbox Kinect in his office at the U.S. Naval…
Smartphone understands gestures

October 9, 2014

Professor Otmar Hilliges and his staff at ETH Zurich have developed a new app enabling users to operate…
Gesture-control technology from Hollywood to corporate conference rooms

September 8, 2014

When you imagine the future of gesture-control interfaces, you might think of the popular science-fiction films “Minority Report”…
Battery-free technology brings gesture recognition to all devices

February 28, 2014

Mute the song playing on your smartphone in your pocket by flicking your index finger in the air,…
New system allows for high-accuracy, through-wall, 3-D motion tracking

December 12, 2013

Imagine playing a video game like Call of Duty or Battlefield and having the ability to lead your virtual army unit while…
Inexpensive ‘nano-camera’ can operate at the speed of light

November 26, 2013

A $500 “nano-camera” that can operate at the speed of light has been developed by researchers in the…
Freeware application for gestural and voice-based computer control and navigation

October 8, 2013

NPointer 2.0, a new version of a freeware application for gestural and voice-based computer control, has been released…
Researchers using Kinect to allow deaf people to communicate via computer

July 22, 2013

Researchers from Microsoft Asia and the Institute of Computing Technology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have been…
Intel’s multimillion baby Omek is acquired for motion sensing

July 17, 2013

What would Intel do with a company focused on motion sensing technology? A number of ideas circle around…
Wi-Fi signals enable gesture recognition throughout entire home

June 6, 2013

University of Washington computer scientists have developed gesture-recognition technology that brings this a step closer to reality. Researchers have shown…
‘Makers’ 3-D print shapes created using new design tool, bare hands

May 17, 2013

A new design tool interprets hand gestures, enabling designers and artists to create and modify three-dimensional shapes using…
With Wave of the Hand, Carnegie Mellon Researchers Create Touch-based Interfaces on Everyday Surfaces

April 26, 2013

PITTSBURGH-Researchers previously have shown that a depth camera system, such as Kinect, can be combined with a projector…
Two Kinects are enough to track the movement of your fingertips (Video)

October 9, 2012

Playing video games using motion sensitive controllers in such systems as “Xbox Kinect” or “Nintendo Wii” can be…
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