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Large Study Reveals PTSD Has Strong Genetic Component Like Other Psychiatric Disorders


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one of the most common psychiatric disorders, affecting some 8 million adults at…
Evolutionary biologists track U.S. invasion of herbicide-resistant weeds

3 days ago

Evolutionary biologists from the University of Toronto are part of a research team that has identified how herbicide-resistant…
Crohn’s disease study identifies genetic variant with potential to personalise treatment

October 7, 2019

The largest study ever to look at why an expensive and commonly–used group of drugs fails some patients…
Genome editing to be tested in kidney organoids

October 2, 2019

Gene editing will be tested in UW Medicine labs on kidney organoids – tiny, kidney-like structures grown from…
AI identifies genes linked to heart failure

September 27, 2019

The Queen Mary University of London team applied an artificial intelligence (AI) technique to analyse the heart MRI…
New genes identified in hearing loss, providing treatment hope

September 27, 2019

In the study, researchers from King’s  and UCL analysed the genetic data from over 250,000 participants of the…
Less genes for a life in water

September 26, 2019

While whales and dolphins spend their entire life in the ocean, these air-breathing mammals actually evolved from terrestrial…
NIH funds centers for advancing the reference sequence of the human genome

September 25, 2019

New grants totaling approximately $29.5 million will enable scientists to generate and maintain the most comprehensive reference sequence…
Scientists decode DNA of coral and all its microscopic supporters

September 24, 2019

Scientists have seen for the first time how corals collaborate with other microscopic life to build and grow.…
A curiosity driven genetic discovery that should impact cancer treatments

September 18, 2019

A team of geneticists with a desire to understand the inner workings of genes implicated in cellular identity…
Genetic factors influencing adult obesity take effect in early childhood

September 16, 2019

An international consortium of researchers, involving the University of Exeter medical School, and led by scientists at Imperial…
Treasure Trove of Ancient Human DNA

September 6, 2019

The largest-ever study of ancient human DNA, along with the first genome of an individual from the ancient…
TB: Early Trouble

September 5, 2019

While the vast majority of the 1.8 billion people infected with the TB bacterium never experience active disease,…
The Swiss Army Knife of Gene Editing Gets New Control

September 5, 2019

When researchers want to edit, activate, or silence a gene in any living organism, from bacteria to humans,…
Molecule discovered that regulates the development of cancer in a variety of human tumors

September 4, 2019

Sonia Guil, leader of the Regulatory and Chromatin RNA group of Josep Carreras Leukemia Research Institute, and Lourdes…
Cell-free DNA detects pathogens and quantifies damage

September 2, 2019

A common problem in diagnosing infectious disease is that the presence of a potential pathogen in the body…
‘Gay gene’ search reveals not one but many – and no way to predict sexuality

September 2, 2019

It has long been clear that a person’s sexual preference – whether they prefer male or female sexual…
This protein is how creatures sense cold—and it’s found in organisms ranging from tiny worms to humans

August 30, 2019

Researchers have identified a receptor protein that can detect when winter is coming. The findings, published in the…
Using CRISPR to program gels with new functions

August 26, 2019

The CRISPR genome-editing system is best-known for its potential to correct disease-causing mutations and add new genes into…
How our genes and environment influence BMI and height

August 26, 2019

Environmental conditions influence our body mass index (BMI) by increasing or decreasing the effect of inherited genetic variations, University…
Compound hastens sexual maturity, and death, in worms

August 26, 2019

Every day, people are exposed to myriad chemicals both natural and synthetic, some of which may affect human…
To divide or not to divide?

August 22, 2019

Cells in the body proliferate at different rates. Some divide constantly and throughout life, like the ones that…
The submersible vehicle MARUM-QUEST samples for sediment at oil seeps in the Gulf of Mexico. Image credit: Marum
Some microbe degrade oil to gas

August 20, 2019

The tiny organisms cling to oil droplets and perform a great feat: As a single organism, they may…
Genetic redundancy aids competition among bacteria in symbiosis with squid

August 20, 2019

The molecular mechanism used by many bacteria to kill neighboring cells has redundancy built into its genetic makeup,…
Not Just Genes: Environment Also Shaped Population Variation in First Americans

August 20, 2019

The first Americans – humans who crossed onto the North American continent and then dispersed throughout Central and…
How can NGS software help cut down the time required for analysis of DNA sequencing data?

August 17, 2019

When the rest of the world was busy decoding genomic sequences one nucleotide at a time, the Human…
A new way to block unwanted genetic transfer

August 16, 2019

We receive half of our genes from each biological parent, so there’s no avoiding inheriting a blend of…
Biologists Pioneer First Method to Decode Gene Expression

August 16, 2019

Given the recent remarkable advancements in genetics, it’s easy to assume that 21st century scientists have at their disposal…
Numbers count in the genetics of moles and melanomas

August 16, 2019

University of Queensland scientists have identified a way to help dermatologists determine a patient’s risk of developing melanoma.…
Moles on the body largely influenced by genetics, finds new study

August 16, 2019

Survival of skin cancer is known to be influenced by gender, with female patients demonstrating higher rates of…
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