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People using third-party apps to analyze personal genetic data

June 14, 2019

The burgeoning field of personal genetics appeals to people who want to learn more about themselves, their family…
Autism - artistic impression. Photo credit: PlusLexia via Flickr, CC BY 2.0
Brain Changes in Autism Traced to Specific Cell Types

May 22, 2019

Changes in gene activity in specific brain cells are associated with the severity of autism in children and…
Establishing Cellular Asymmetries

January 9, 2019

Embryonic development is the process by which a fertilized egg becomes an independent organism, an organism capable of…
CRISPR reduces autism symptoms in mice

June 27, 2018

Scientists have used CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing to lessen some autism symptoms in mice with a form of fragile…
Assembly Failure

June 14, 2017

The most frequent genetic cause of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and frontotemporal dementia (FTD)—rare and related neurological disorders…
NIH researchers find potential genetic cause of Cushing syndrome

June 5, 2017

A small study by researchers at the National Institutes of Health suggests that mutations in the gene CABLES1…
Gene found to cause sudden death in young people

March 11, 2017

Researchers from Canada, South Africa and Italy have identified a new gene that can lead to sudden death…
Researchers Show How Lou Gehrig’s Disease Progression Could Be Delayed

February 12, 2017

A team of biomedical scientists has identified a molecule that targets a gene known to play a critical…
Our closest worm kin regrow body parts, raising hopes of regeneration in humans

November 28, 2016

What if humans could regrow an amputated arm or leg, or completely restore nervous system function after a…
Enzyme Treatment of Gene May Reverse Effects of Alzheimer’s

October 8, 2016

For the last 20 years, researchers have focused on amyloid beta peptides and the “plaque” they sprout in…
Human “junk” gene sequences can promote translation

September 21, 2016

One of the biggest surprises of the past decade of genomic studies was the discovery that, contrary to…
Production of a molecule for memory of salt concentration

June 26, 2016

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have demonstrated that production of a specific type of insulin receptor is…
HIV protein manipulates 100s of genes to advance progression into AIDS

January 27, 2016

UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers have deciphered how a small protein made by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)…
Can a gene counteract aging and prevent us from getting cancer?

January 26, 2016

Aging increases our risk of getting cancer. What if we could control the effects of aging in our…
Antisocial behaviour: Understanding the influence of genes and the environment

January 14, 2016

A gene involved in the regulation of emotions and behaviour could influence the long-term impact of violence experienced…
New technology traces resistance gene quickly

December 4, 2015

A new resistance gene has been found in coli bacteria among pigs, broiler meat and humans in China.…
Human Gene Prevents Regeneration in Zebrafish

November 18, 2015

Regenerative medicine could one day allow physicians to correct congenital deformities, regrow damaged fingers, or even mend a…
Repairing the brain

September 20, 2015

Two genes unlock potential for treatment of schizophrenia Research led by scientists from Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore…
Molecular culprits driving most common form of glaucoma discovered

September 12, 2015

African Americans are particularly prone to developing the most common form of glaucoma–a leading cause of blindness–but how…
Studying the Outliers

September 2, 2015

Medical research has yet to discover an Alzheimer’s treatment that effectively slows the disease’s progression, but neuroscientists at…
Beyond genes: Are centrioles carriers of biological information?

April 27, 2015

Centrioles are barrel-shaped structures inside cells, made up of multiple proteins. They are currently the focus of much…
Researchers find new gene involved in blood-forming stem cells

April 20, 2015

Research led by the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute has identified a gene critical to controlling the…
Study finds genetic predisposition for noise-induced hearing loss

April 16, 2015

Neuroscientists publish first genome-wide association study on hearing loss from noise, a common workplace hazard In a new…
Language of gene switches unchanged across the evolution

March 17, 2015

The language used in the switches that turn genes on and off has remained the same across millions…
Beyond genetics: illuminating the epigenome

February 20, 2015

If you are attracted to the more mysterious areas of science, such as quantum mechanics and cosmology, and your special interest…
New mechanism in gene regulation revealed

September 8, 2014

The information encoded in our genes is translated into proteins, which ultimately mediate biological functions in an organism.…
New understanding of a mechanism by which cells try to arrest oncogene action

August 28, 2014

Internal production of hydrogen peroxide can lead cells to exit the cell cycle and become senescent What happens…
The “Memory” of Starvation is in Your Genes

July 31, 2014

Israeli and American researchers discover the genetic mechanism that passes on physical responses to hardship During the winter…
Scientists identify gene linked to fatal inflammatory disease in children

July 20, 2014

Investigators have identified a gene that underlies a very rare but devastating autoinflammatory condition in children. Several existing…
Scientists identify a gene that controls the timing of precisely ordered events during maturation

July 20, 2014

Closely related organisms share most of their genes, but these similarities belie major differences in behavior, intelligence, and…
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