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Freshening up contaminated water

August 29, 2019

Nitrate is a troublesome groundwater contaminant that is mainly caused by fertilizer runoff on farmlands. Many wells in…
A new way to generate solar steam for cleaning water and reducing waste

August 22, 2019

Strategies for purifying water abound, but they tend to require lots of energy. Scientists at Argonne are exploring…
Summer Snow

August 5, 2019

It’s summertime at the Dead Sea, and for locals and visitors alike enjoying the large saltwater lake shared…
Clean water—Sunny desalination

August 2, 2019

A new method developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory improves the energy efficiency of a desalination process known…
Researchers develop technology to harness energy from mixing of freshwater and seawater

August 2, 2019

Salt is power. It might sound like alchemy, but the energy in places where salty ocean water and…
Sensor Fish Duo Successfully Tests Irrigation Screen

July 24, 2019

PNNL determines that technology helps downstream fish passage. Nestled along the expansive Columbia River Gorge is Oregon’s Hood…
Drilling Deeper for Groundwater

July 23, 2019

Groundwater may be out of sight, but for over 100 million Americans who rely on it for their…
NASA Helps Warn of Harmful Algal Blooms in Lakes, Reservoirs

June 27, 2019

Harmful algal blooms can cause big problems in coastal areas and lakes across the United States. When toxin-containing…
Steam Generators ‘Grown’ on Natural Materials could Help Solve Looming Fresh Water Crisis

June 26, 2019

Discovering new and more efficient methods of harvesting fresh water from non-potable sources is becoming more and more…
Scientists transform farming with biomass buffers

June 18, 2019

New methods can increase crop sustainability and reduce water pollution as world-wide demand for food grows. Nearly 40…
Researcher documents cascading effects of parasites on underwater ecosystems

June 12, 2019

Research by an evolutionary biologist from Florida State University has shown parasites have important and far-reaching effects on…
Mapping groundwater’s influence on the world’s oceans

June 4, 2019

New study shows high-res views of where groundwater flows to the oceans. Researchers at The Ohio State University…
Scientists use radioactive tracers to determine the ages of streamflow

April 9, 2019

Watersheds store water underground in soils and weathered bedrock. How long it takes for water to flow through…
Solar-powered moisture harvester collects and cleans water from air

March 25, 2019

Access to clean water remains one of the biggest challenges facing humankind. A breakthrough by engineers at The…
Can we address climate change without sacrificing water quality?

February 27, 2019

Strategies for limiting climate change must take into account their potential impact on water quality through nutrient overload,…
Argonne Lab addresses obstacles to clean water for all

February 8, 2019

Dozens of Argonne researchers are helping to solve one of the world’s most pressing problems — the availability…
Study suggests fresh water was key to Easter Island’s monuments

January 21, 2019

Fresh water was hard to find, but where it emerged on Easter Island in the South Pacific was…
Collecting clean water from air, inspired by desert life

December 28, 2018

Humans can get by in the most basic of shelters, can scratch together a meal from the most…
Imperiled, some freshwater mussels endure. How?

November 13, 2018

Freshwater mussels are among the most imperiled animals in North America, yet some colonies have managed to persevere…
U-M researchers part of national effort to protect freshwater lakes from toxic algal blooms

November 9, 2018

University of Michigan researchers are part of a new, federally funded effort to understand and prevent toxic algal…
Why is Wakulla Springs’ water turning brown?

October 29, 2018

North Florida’s Wakulla Springs, the largest and deepest freshwater spring on Earth, is experiencing an unwelcome change: Its…
Salty water causes some freshwater harmful algae to release toxins

October 26, 2018

A new U.S. Geological Survey laboratory study of two potentially toxic types of freshwater cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae,…
Plastics found in fifty percent of freshwater insects

October 1, 2018

Microplastic fragments – pieces of plastic debris under five millimetres – were found to have been ingested by…
Valuing our soil

September 14, 2018

Researchers at Lancaster University have helped produce a series of new reports designed to enable the UK to…
Following the fresh water

July 16, 2018

A research team led by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) found the fingerprint of a massive flood of…
Study finds “hidden harvest” in world’s inland fisheries

June 22, 2018

A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences says we are dramatically underestimating…
Conformity trumps riskiness in social fish

June 15, 2018

Fish, much like humans, exhibit a wide range of different personalities. Individuals vary in qualities such as how…
In desert trials, next-generation water harvester delivers fresh water from air

June 12, 2018

Last October, a UC Berkeley team headed down to the Arizona desert, plopped their newest prototype water harvester…
NASA Satellites Reveal Major Shifts in Global Freshwater

May 17, 2018

In a first-of-its-kind study, scientists have combined an array of NASA satellite observations of Earth with data on…
30 year river study finds overlooked extinction effect’

May 4, 2018

Global change is causing freshwater species to be lost twice as fast as in any other ecosystem, and…
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