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New surgery for groin pain found to be more effective than physiotherapy

June 1, 2018

As the FIFA World Cup approaches researchers have found that keyhole surgery could help get injured footballers back…
Scientists concerned about the increase in football shirt advertisement by gambling companies

January 23, 2018

Do you have any idea why scientists would be concerned about ads on football shirts? They say it…
Smart Soccer Ball

September 13, 2017

All smart balls have integrated sensors that track all parameters, but DribbleUp doesn’t features any on-board electronics. It…
Facial structure predicts goals, fouls among World Cup soccer players

November 13, 2014

The structure of a soccer player’s face can predict his performance on the field—including his likelihood of scoring…
Developing the next generation of Socceroos – new research

July 10, 2014

New research from The University of Sydney claims that it is possible to teach the perfect strike if…
Friendly Rivalry Pits U.S. vs. German Astronauts on Space Station

June 26, 2014

NASA’s Reid Wiseman and Steve Swanson and the European Space Agency’s Astronaut Alexander Gerst will be cheering on…
Doping in football – does it make the game any less beautiful?

June 18, 2014

It is often said that football is the beautiful game, resistant to the kinds of doping seen in cycling, baseball or…
Explained: How does a soccer ball swerve?

June 17, 2014

It happens every four years: The World Cup begins and some of the world’s most skilled players carefully…
Sports teams may lose out from having ‘too much talent’

June 11, 2014

As the FIFA World Cup kicks off and the NBA finals “heat” up, new research suggests that there…
Football displays fractal dynamics

March 20, 2014

Football fascinates millions of fans, almost all of them unaware that the game is subject to the laws…
How will the 2014 World Cup ball swerve?

March 7, 2014

It’s no beach ball. Adam Davy/PA There are now only a few months to go until the biggest sporting…
University psychiatrist to help England football team get ready for World Cup

March 6, 2014

• Psychiatrist Dr Steve Peters, a lecturer in medicine at the University of Sheffield, has been recruited by…
Football and osteoarthritis study kicks off

March 5, 2014

Researchers at The University Nottingham have been awarded funding to find out why so many professional footballers develop…
New study shows use of tools supports learning in nonhuman species

October 16, 2013

Leave young children alone with a soccer ball or a plastic shovel, and they quickly begin to put…
The science of stadium sound

September 5, 2013

Football fans attending BYU home games the last two seasons may have noticed a few students roving through…
Disney Researchers use automated analysis to find weakness in soccer coaching strategy

August 14, 2013

Investigators at Disney Research, Pittsburgh, are applying artificial intelligence to the analysis of professional soccer and, in one…
Science keeps its eye on the (foot) ball

May 30, 2013

Science has entered the debate into the use of goal-line technology in football, with an article in a…
Robots will be FIFA champions – if they keep their eyes on the ball

December 13, 2012

We already know robots manufacture cars, work in factories, even vacuum our homes – but could they form a world-beating…
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