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As We Get Parched, Cognition Can Sputter, Dehydration Study Says

July 17, 2018

Anyone lost in a desert hallucinating mirages knows that extreme dehydration discombobulates the mind. But just two hours…
Swimming bacteria work together to go with the flow

July 11, 2018

Now researchers from the University of Bristol report that bacterial suspensions can have negative viscosity, a property strictly…
Let it flow: Ideas, creativity, findings, impacts, benefits to society

January 4, 2018

Such everyday items may seem like odd subjects of inquiry in a lab known for its cutting-edge research,…
Understanding the Amazing Properties of Cornstarch and Water

December 11, 2017

At the right ratio, a blend of water and cornstarch displays some mysterious qualities. It’s a liquid until…
Clever experiment documents multi-scale fluid dynamics

August 9, 2017

University of Chicago physicists working in the nascent field of experimental vortex dynamics have, with unexpected help from…
It’s Kind of a Drag

June 29, 2017

Imagine walking from one side of a swimming pool to the other. Each step takes great effort —…
Focusing on grains, researchers solve a mystery of rivers’ flow

March 29, 2017

Taking a simpler approach to a complex problem, Yale researchers have an answer for why large grains move…
Spray tuning

November 11, 2016

If you’ve ever splattered paint on a canvas or sprayed a cookie sheet with oil, you likely created…
Study reveals new physics of how fluids flow in porous media

August 24, 2016

One of the most promising approaches to curbing the flow of human-made greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is…
New high-power Evinrude outboard built with UW-Madison software

June 13, 2016

To understand what happens inside the cylinder of an outboard motor running at 5500 rpm, BRP/Evinrude got some…
At attention, molecules!

May 11, 2016

When you touch your phone’s screen, you might not realize that you’ve set off a molecular chain reaction.…
A Crack in the Mystery of ‘Oobleck’—Friction Thickens Fluids

May 9, 2016

By revealing missing details behind the odd behavior of a science fair favorite—a soupy mixture known as “oobleck”…
How crispy is your bonbon?

April 5, 2016

Since the 1600s, chocolatiers have been perfecting the art of the bonbon, passing down techniques for crafting a…
Sneezing produces complex fluid cascade, not a simple spray

February 10, 2016

Here’s some incentive to cover your mouth the next time you sneeze: New high-speed videos captured by MIT…
They grow under flow

January 29, 2016

University of Tokyo researchers have fabricated a multi-layer microfluidic “organ-on-chip” device that mimics the structure of the human…
How bacterial communication ‘goes with the flow’ in causing infection, blockage

January 13, 2016

The destructive ability of bacteria to organize an infection or block pathways such as intestines, medical stents and…
New Hope for Extending Fresh-cut Vegetable Storage

January 5, 2016

Fresh-cut peppers and lettuces in supermarkets have a shot at lasting longer thanks to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)…
Prenatal Proteomics

December 29, 2015

When we were developing in the womb, we were immersed in amniotic fluid. As our nervous systems formed,…
The shape of a pipe dramatically affects how pollutants and other chemicals will spread

October 21, 2015

Researchers have long known and well-documented how dye disperses when injected into a fluid flowing through a pipe.…
Porous material holds promise for prosthetics, robots

October 9, 2015

Cornell researchers have developed a new lightweight and stretchable material with the consistency of memory foam that has…
Swimming Algae Offer Researchers Insights Into Living Fluid Dynamics

March 27, 2015

None of us would be alive if sperm cells didn’t know how to swim, or if the cilia…
Between Micro and Macro, Mathematicians Model Fluids at the Mesoscale

March 6, 2015

When it comes to boiling water—or the phenomenon of applying heat to a liquid until it transitions to…
Seeing clearly through a liquid

September 8, 2014

Scientists demonstrated that when using in situ liquid transmission electron microscopy and scanning TEM to probe nanomaterials that…
Bacteria swim with bodies and flagella

July 24, 2014

When it comes to swimming, the bodies of some bacteria are more than just dead weight, according to…
Research hones pore-scale models

July 14, 2014

The physical and chemical processes that occur at the scale of individual soil particles dictate the way fluids…
Trapping the light fantastic

June 17, 2014

 The development of a ‘nanobarrel’ that traps and concentrates light onto single molecules could be used as a…
Improving methods used to analyze and model fluid dynamics

February 26, 2014

Novel mathematical method provides computationally efficient way to model boundary conditions in fluid flows Results: Understanding how fluids flow…
The scientific explanation of why beer overflows when a one bottle is bumped against another

January 21, 2014

Scientists at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) reveal the physical phenomenon that explains beer’s rapid transformation from…
Tiny swimming bio-bots boldly go where no bot has swum before

January 20, 2014

Engineers developed the first tiny, synthetic machines that can swim by themselves, powered by beating heart cells. The…
Team models sudden thickening of complex fluids

January 17, 2014

Levich Institute simulation of discontinuous shear thickening could lead to improved processing of materials in suspension A new…
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