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New Laws of Attraction: Scientists Print Magnetic Liquid Droplets

July 19, 2019

Revolutionary material could lead to 3D-printable magnetic liquid devices for the fabrication of flexible electronics, or artificial cells…
Small currents for big gains in spintronics

June 14, 2019

UTokyo researchers have created an electronic component that demonstrates functions and abilities important to future generations of computational…
2D Insulators With Ferromagnetic Properties Are Rare; Researchers Just Identified A New One

May 14, 2019

Collaborating scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory, and Princeton University have discovered…
Odd reaction creates a stir in the lab

April 3, 2019

The stirrers that mix cream into your coffee probably don’t make much difference to the drink. But in…
Scientists discover new magnetic element

May 31, 2018

A new experimental discovery, led by researchers at the University of Minnesota, demonstrates that the chemical element ruthenium…
Neutrons reveal the wild Weyl world of semimetals

February 22, 2018

The observation of an abnormal state of matter in a two-dimensional magnetic material is the latest development in…
New ways of representing information could transform digital technology

June 5, 2017

Unique geometries for electron magnetic moments may overcome fundamental limits of computer memory and logic Many people who…
Pioneering new methods for designing magnetism

May 29, 2017

University of Tokyo researchers have proposed and successfully demonstrated a new concept for artificially controlling the preferred orientation,…
Neutrons identify key ingredients of the quantum spin liquid recipe

December 10, 2016

Neutron scattering studies of a rare earth metal oxide have identified fundamental pieces to the quantum spin liquid…
Self-destructive effects of magnetically-doped ferromagnetic topological insulators

January 20, 2015

The discovery of “topologically protected” electrical conductivity on the surface of some materials whose bulk interior acts as…
Simultaneous Imaging of Ferromagnetic and Ferroelectric Domains

October 3, 2014

An international team led by researchers from the NIST Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology have discovered a…
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