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A Rare Fast Radio Burst has been Found that Actually Repeats Every 16 Days

4 days ago

A team of scientists in Canada have found a Fast Radio Burst (FRB) that repeats every 16 days.…
Mysterious radio bursts from a nearby spiral galaxy

January 13, 2020

Fast radio flashes still pose something of an enigma to astronomers. Although they only emit for milliseconds at…
Fast Radio Burst Observations Deepen Astronomical Mystery

January 7, 2020

Astronomers have pinpointed the origin of a repeating Fast Radio Burst to a nearby spiral galaxy, challenging theories…
A fast radio burst tracked down to a nearby galaxy

January 7, 2020

Astronomers in Europe, working with members of Canada’s CHIME Fast Radio Burst collaboration, have pinpointed the location of…
Enigmatic radio burst illuminates a galaxy’s tranquil ​halo

October 1, 2019

Astronomers using ESO’s Very Large Telescope have for the first time observed that a fast radio burst passed…
Galaxy found to float in a tranquil sea of halo gas

September 27, 2019

Using one cosmic mystery to probe another, an international team of astronomers has analyzed the signal from a…
Fast Radio Burst Pinpointed to Distant Galaxy

July 4, 2019

Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are among the most enigmatic and powerful events in the cosmos. Around 80 of…
Canada’s CHIME telescope detects second repeating fast radio burst

January 10, 2019

A Canadian-led team of scientists has found the second repeating fast radio burst (FRB) ever recorded. FRBs are…
Cosmic Microwaves Tell Tale as Old as Time

January 8, 2019

Hot spots in the cosmic microwave background tell us about the history and evolution of distant quasars. Using…
Abell 1033: To Boldly Go into Colliding Galaxy Clusters

November 18, 2018

Hidden in a distant galaxy cluster collision are wisps of gas resembling the starship Enterprise — an iconic spaceship from…
Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts Number Doubled by Australian Astronomers

October 18, 2018

Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) have become a major focus of research in the past decade. In radio astronomy,…
Antennas of CSIRO’s Australian SKA Pathfinder (ASKAP) radio telescope. Credit: CSIRO/Alex Cherney
CSIRO telescope almost doubles known number of mysterious ‘fast radio bursts’

October 11, 2018

Australian researchers using a CSIRO radio telescope in Western Australia have nearly doubled the known number of ‘fast…
VLA Sky Survey Reveals First “Orphan” Gamma Ray Burst

October 5, 2018

Astronomers comparing data from an ongoing major survey of the sky using the National Science Foundation’s Karl G.…
AI helps track down mysterious cosmic radio bursts

September 11, 2018

Artificial intelligence is invading many fields, most recently astronomy and the search for intelligent life in the universe,…
New Canadian Radio Telescope is Detecting Fast Radio Bursts

August 8, 2018

Since they were first detected in 2007, Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) have been a source of mystery to…
Are Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts Coming From the Collapse of Strange Star Crusts?

May 17, 2018

Fast Radio Bursts (FBRs) have fascinated astronomers ever since the first one was detected in 2007. This event…
Astronomers Have Detected the Brightest Fast Radio Burst Ever Seen. Still No Idea What’s Causing Them

March 20, 2018

Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) have been one of the more puzzling and fascinating areas of astronomical study ever…
A repeating fast radio burst from an extreme environment

January 12, 2018

New detections of radio waves from a repeating fast radio burst have revealed an astonishingly potent magnetic field…
Across the universe, fast radio bursts ‘shout and twist’

January 11, 2018

An international group of astronomers has found that the Cornell-discovered fast radio burst FRB 121102 – a brief,…
SETI project homes in on strange ‘fast radio bursts’

January 11, 2018

The measurements confirm observations by another team of astronomers from the Netherlands, which detected the polarized bursts using…
IceCube helps demystify strange radio bursts from deep space

September 27, 2017

For a decade, astronomers have puzzled over ephemeral but incredibly powerful radio bursts from space. The phenomena, known…
Distant galaxy sends out 15 high-energy radio bursts

September 1, 2017

Breakthrough Listen, an initiative to find signs of intelligent life in the universe, has detected 15 brief but…
Black-Hole-Powered Jets Forge Fuel for Star Formation

February 17, 2017

Astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) have discovered a surprising connection between a supermassive black hole…
Fast radio burst tied to distant dwarf galaxy and, perhaps, magnetar

January 9, 2017

One of the rare and brief bursts of cosmic radio waves that have puzzled astronomers since they were…
Exploring a Fast Radio Burst in Three Dimensions

January 6, 2017

Gemini Probes Distant Host of Enigmatic Radio Bursts Gemini Observatory provides critical rapid follow up observations of a…
“Cosmic Whistle” Packs a Surprisingly Energetic Punch

November 16, 2016

Penn State University astronomers have discovered that the mysterious “cosmic whistles” known as fast radio bursts can pack…
Search for ET underway with CSIROs Parkes radio telescope

November 9, 2016

Breakthrough Listen, the 10-year, $100-million astronomical search for intelligent life beyond Earth launched in 2015 by Internet entrepreneur…
Subaru Telescope helps measure distance to mysterious fast radio burst

April 8, 2016

An international team including University of Tokyo researchers observed a mysterious astronomical phenomenon, called “fast radio burst” and…
Solved! First distance to a fast radio burst

February 26, 2016

For the first time a team of scientists has tracked down the location of a fast radio burst…
Cosmic Radio Bursts yield first clues about their origins

December 3, 2015

With the help of the world’s largest steerable radio telescope, a team of researchers that includes a University…
‘Fast Radio Burst’ Sheds New Light on Origin of These Extreme Events

December 3, 2015

Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs), brief yet brilliant eruptions of cosmic radio waves, have baffled astronomers since they were…
Cosmic radio burst caught red-handed

January 20, 2015

Snap! Astronomers using CSIRO’s 64-m Parkes radio telescope in eastern Australia have for the first time seen a…
Snapshot of cosmic burst of radio waves

January 19, 2015

A strange phenomenon has been observed by astronomers right as it was happening – a ‘fast radio burst’.…
Radio-burst discovery deepens astrophysics mystery

July 11, 2014

The discovery of a split-second burst of radio waves by scientists using the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto…
Fast Radio Bursts Might Come From Nearby Stars

December 13, 2013

First discovered in 2007, “fast radio bursts” continue to defy explanation. These cosmic chirps last for only a…
Newly Discovered Fast Radio Bursts May be Colliding Neutron Stars

August 19, 2013

The Universe is sizzling with undiscovered phenomena. Only last month astronomers heard four unexpected bumps in the night.…
Earth’s Gold Came from Colliding Dead Stars

July 18, 2013

We value gold for many reasons: its beauty, its usefulness as jewelry, and its rarity. Gold is rare…
Update: Radio Bursts Discovered From Beyond Our Galaxy

July 10, 2013

Astronomers, including a team member from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., have detected the first population…
Fast Radio Bursts: new intergalactic messengers

July 5, 2013

How many electrons are there in the universe? That may seem nigh on impossible to calculate – let…
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