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Three Soyuz Crew Members Wrap Up Mission on Space Station

September 14, 2015

Three crew members from the International Space Station returned to Earth on Friday. The landing in Kazakhstan wrapped…
Ongoing Research for Crew as Trio Prepares for Friday Landing

September 10, 2015

The nine-member International Space Station crew participated in a wide variety of advanced microgravity science throughout the orbital…
NASA Television to Broadcast Friday Return of Space Station Crew

September 10, 2015

Three crew members aboard the International Space Station are scheduled to leave the orbiting laboratory and return to…
Nine-Passenger Station Increases Altitude for Future Russian Vehicles

September 9, 2015

Cosmonaut Gennady Padalka handed command of the International Space Station to astronaut Scott Kelly Saturday. The following day…
NASA Awards Contract to Support Agency’s Human Spaceflight Programs

July 29, 2015

NASA has selected Wyle Laboratories Inc., of El Segundo, California, to provide biomedical, medical and health services in…
Station Avoids Satellite Fragment, Spacewalk Preps Start

July 28, 2015

The International Space Station moved out of the way of a piece of satellite debris late Saturday night.…
NASA Astronauts Speak with Ohio Summer Camp Students from Space Station

July 28, 2015

Summer camp students at the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland and students from the city’s MC2 STEM High…
Launch, Docking Returns International Space Station Crew to Full Strength

July 23, 2015

Three crew members representing the United States, Russia and Japan have arrived at the International Space Station to…
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