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The Diamond Challenge

July 29, 2018

The Diamond Challenge provides a unique opportunity for teens to learn about entrepreneurship while putting their ideas into action. While many…
Canadians are most active women entrepreneurs in the world

January 22, 2018

Canadian women are starting businesses at a higher rate than their counterparts in all other G20 countries, according…
Last-born children are more likely to start businesses

July 16, 2016

Our destiny is not written in the stars – we all chose our own ways and our decisions…
The accidental entrepreneur: from lab researcher to billionaire security software developer

April 11, 2015

Martin Casado considers himself to be an accidental entrepreneur. The 38-year-old Bay Area tech executive went from a…
Why Do Entrepreneurial Parents Have Entrepreneurial Children?

September 22, 2014

Entrepreneurial parents tend to have entrepreneurial children. But why? Is this intergenerational transmission caused by genetic factors? Or…
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