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JST, Fujitsu, and Tokyo Metropolitan University Develop Highly Sensitive Diode, Converts Microwaves to Electricity

September 24, 2019

– In entering the true IoT era, there is a demand for highly sensitive diodes that can convert…
Flexible generators turn movement into energy

June 3, 2019

Wearable devices that harvest energy from movement are not a new idea, but a material created at Rice…
Societal values and perceptions shape energy production and use as much as new technology

May 30, 2019

Societal values and perceptions have shaped the energy landscape as much as the technologies that drive its production…
New technology behind the world’s smallest power converter

May 8, 2019

The development of future mobile phones and laptops focuses on further decreasing the size while increasing the speed…
Best in snow: New scientific device creates electricity from snowfall

April 16, 2019

The first-of-its-kind nanogenerator designed by UCLA researchers and colleagues also acts as a weather station. UCLA researchers and…
Wood-based Technology Creates Electricity from Heat

March 26, 2019

A University of Maryland-led team of researchers has created a heat-to-electricity device that runs on ions and which…
Championing scientifically driven energy policy

March 7, 2019

The year 2018 was the fourth hottest on record and marks a continuing trend of rising global temperatures.…
Energy Supplies and Use – How Technological Advances Affects Economic Growth

February 25, 2019

Technological advances are quickly promising to present us with solutions to the biggest problems faced by the energy…
Static electricity could charge our electronics

January 25, 2019

Unhappy with the life of your smartphone battery? Thought so. Help could be on the way from one…
Fine-tuning renewables could help Texas balance energy resources

December 6, 2018

Timing and placement of wind and solar power facilities are critical factors for Texas electricity providers that juggle…
A bionic mushroom that generates electricity

November 19, 2018

In the quest to replace fossil fuels, scientists are always on the lookout for alternative, environmentally friendly sources…
Novel rooftop device that can make solar power and cool buildings

November 12, 2018

A new rooftop device under development will be able to produce electricity from sunlight while also beaming heat…
U.S. manufacturers’ short-term capability to switch fuels continues to decline

October 26, 2018

Some manufacturing plants can take advantage of relative price differences and cope with supply shortages by switching the…
A new path to solving a longstanding fusion challenge

October 10, 2018

A class exercise at MIT, aided by industry researchers, has led to an innovative solution to one of…
New generation: Unique technology could turbocharge electrical efficiency

September 26, 2018

An internal combustion engine similar to the one in your car could play a key role in making…
China’s energy policies require integrated, strategic approach to balance air quality, carbon emissions and water scarcity goals

September 20, 2018

A team of researchers led by Princeton University investigated the environmental impacts of transitioning from coal to natural…
New Frontiers of the Future of Energy

September 11, 2018

With energy demand growing rapidly and fossil-fuel combustion driving climate change, it is increasingly critical that we transform…
Device harvests energy from low-frequency vibrations

August 30, 2018

A wearable energy-harvesting device could generate energy from the swing of an arm while walking or jogging, according…
Tiny Shapeshifters: Devices Powered by Light

May 22, 2018

Imagine a generation of devices that operate not on electricity or batteries, but on light — an energy…
System Developed at MIT Generates Power from Daily Temperature Fluctuations

February 19, 2018

Researchers at MIT had recently developed a system capable of converting fluctuations in temperature which occur during the…
American Inventions Made Onshore (AIM Onshore) Prize Competition

February 12, 2018

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced the opening of the American Inventions Made Onshore (AIM Onshore) prize competition and…
Re-Assessing Alaska’s Energy Frontier

December 28, 2017

The new USGS assessment estimates 8.7 billion barrels of oil and 25 trillion cubic feet of natural gas resources. This…
New innovation from British battery storage developer delivers even greater efficiency and flexibility from 2nd life EV batteries

December 10, 2017

Connected Energy, a UK-based pioneer in site-integrated energy storage solutions, has successfully proven a new technique that enables…
Purple power: Synthetic ‘purple membranes’ transform sunlight to hydrogen fuel

October 13, 2017

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory have found a new way to produce solar…
Ultrathin device harvests electricity from human motion

July 31, 2017

A new, ultrathin energy harvesting system developed at Vanderbilt University’s Nanomaterials and Energy Devices Laboratory has the potential…
Ryan McManamay: An Aquatic Outlook on Future Energy

June 28, 2017

Growing up in South Carolina, Ryan McManamay enjoyed a nature-rich upbringing. Both of his parents are retired teachers…
Using Heat to Power Computers

April 20, 2017

Ever since the invention of computers, researchers and engineers have been trying to figure out how to manage…
Flexible device captures energy from human motion

December 19, 2016

The day of charging cellphones with finger swipes and powering Bluetooth headsets simply by walking is now much…
Move over, solar: The next big renewable energy source could be at our feet

October 21, 2016

Flooring can be made from any number of sustainable materials, making it, generally, an eco-friendly feature in homes…
New Fabric Uses Sun and Wind to Power Devices

September 14, 2016

Fabrics that can generate electricity from physical movement have been in the works for a few years. Now…
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