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USU Researchers Unveil The Dynamic Nature of Single Fission

October 2, 2019

Chemists from the College of Science have unveiled the dynamic nature of single fission, a novel photophysical phenomenon…
Study finds success in combining two emerging technologies for next-generation solar power

August 14, 2019

Researchers at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering have combined two emerging technologies for…
Nanowire arrays could improve solar cells

August 9, 2019

Transparent electrodes are a critical component of solar cells and electronic displays. To collect electricity in a solar…
Fujitsu Harnesses Quantum-Inspired Digital Annealer Technology to Optimize Output Efficiency in Power Generation for Renewable Energy Devices

July 19, 2019

Fujitsu Laboratories, Ltd. has shown the capability of the Digital Annealer, Fujitsu’s computational architecture inspired by quantum phenomena…
Beat the heat

July 11, 2019

It’s estimated that as much as two-thirds of energy consumed in the U.S. each year is wasted as…
How common elements can make a more energy-secure future

July 4, 2019

Thin-film solar panels, the cell phone in your hand and the LED bulb lighting your home are all…
Experiments show dramatic increase in solar cell output

July 3, 2019

In any conventional silicon-based solar cell, there is an absolute limit on overall efficiency, based partly on the…
Superior solar silicon

June 25, 2019

Silicon is used in a wide range of electrical applications, including solar power generation. However, silicon does not…
“Universal Memory” Developed and Patented, could Solve the Digital Technology Energy Crisis

June 21, 2019

Writing in a paper recently published in the journal Scientific Reports, researchers from Lancaster University in the U.K.…
Phase-change materials from smartphones may lead to higher data storage, energy efficiency

June 15, 2019

Phase-change materials that are used in the latest generation of smartphones could lead to higher storage capability and…
40 Years Worth of Research Identifies the Key Flaw in Solar Panel Efficiency

June 11, 2019

While solar panels have long been hailed as one of the cornerstone technologies for curbing the march of…
Making Computers, Mobile Devices More Energy-Efficient

June 6, 2019

STTRAM, an alternative for static RAM in computer caches that could drastically reduce energy consumption in devices such…
Extremely compact reactor has potential to reduce global CO2 emissions significantly

May 28, 2019

Researchers from Haldor Topsoe, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Danish Technological Institute, and Sintex have been part of…
Gas vs. Electric? Fuel Choice Affects Efforts to Achieve Low-Energy and Low-Impact Homes

May 24, 2019

If you want to make your home as energy-efficient and green as possible, should you use gas or…
ARC experiments exceed expectations

May 18, 2019

The first proton-acceleration experiments using the National Ignition Facility’s (NIF) Advanced Radiographic Capability (ARC) short-pulse laser have produced protons…
Energy free superfast computing invented by scientists using light pulses

May 17, 2019

Superfast data processing using light pulses instead of electricity has been created by scientists. The invention uses magnets…
Rethinking digital service design could reduce their environmental impact

May 7, 2019

Digital technology companies could reduce the carbon footprint of services like You Tube by changing how they are…
Newly devised static negative capacitor could improve computing

April 10, 2019

Static negative capacitors could yield more energy-efficient computers. With a little physics ingenuity, scientists have designed a way…
Hardware-Software Co-Design Approach Could Make Neural Networks Less Power Hungry

December 21, 2018

A team led by the University of California San Diego has developed a neuroinspired hardware-software co-design approach that…
Full of energy

December 10, 2018

Electricity as a form of energy is not exactly efficient because much of it is lost as heat.…
Smaller components could mean big savings for data centers

November 15, 2018

The component, called a power converter, changes the flow of electricity to fit the needs of individual computer…
AI tool automatically reveals how to write apps that drain less battery

October 10, 2018

A new tool developed by Purdue researchers would automatically identify and expose ways to make app features more…
Ancient Pigment Can Boost Energy Efficiency

October 9, 2018

A color developed by Egyptians thousands of years ago has a modern-day application as well – the pigment…
Shake, rattle and roll to high efficiency photovoltaics

October 1, 2018

New insight into how a certain class of photovoltaic materials allows efficient conversion of sunlight into electricity could…
New generation: Unique technology could turbocharge electrical efficiency

September 26, 2018

An internal combustion engine similar to the one in your car could play a key role in making…
Solar Decathlon 2020

September 17, 2018

The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon® is a collegiate competition, comprising 10 contests, that challenges student teams to…
Raising the heat to lower the cost of solar energy

May 22, 2018

Sandia will compete to build a high temperature concentrating solar power pilot plant Sandia National Laboratories will receive…
New control strategy helps reap maximum power from wind farms

May 2, 2018

Every two and a half hours, a new wind turbine rises in the U.S. In 2016, wind provided 5.6 percent…
Sending electrons on a roller-coaster ride

April 13, 2018

A first-of-its-kind X-ray instrument for frontier research with high-brightness X-rays is now in operation at the U.S. Department…
Scientists optimizing high performance fuels for advanced internal combustion engines

March 21, 2018

In support of the Department of Energy’s (DOE (link is external)) Co-Optimization of Fuels & Engines (Co-Optima) initiative,…
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