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A robot may one day perform your colonoscopy

May 28, 2019

A team from CU Boulder is taking a page from The Magic School Bus and journeying inside the…
Startup Licenses Dual-View Probe for Endoscopy

April 21, 2018

The new probe provides doctors with multiple fields of view simultaneously, addressing the shortcomings of traditional endoscopes —…
Capsule Robot A Better Pill To Swallow

April 27, 2015

A team of UOW researchers led by Professor Gursel Alici (pictured above), Head of the School of Mechanical,…
Endoscopy with panoramic view

October 29, 2014

Whether physicians examine or operate on the bladder wall with an endoscope, they can catch a glimpse of…
Research points toward better colonoscopy imaging

August 1, 2013

MIT researchers have developed a new endoscopy technology that could make it easier for doctors to detect precancerous…
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