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Increasing the abundance of a threatened or endangered species can deliver large economic benefits

August 16, 2019

A new study provides evidence that increasing the abundance of a threatened or endangered species can deliver large…
Deep-sea snail described by Southampton researcher makes Red list of Endangered Species

July 19, 2019

A fascinating deep-sea snail, first described as a new species by an international team of researchers including a…
Scientists map huge variety of animal life cycles

July 10, 2019

Their findings, published in Nature Ecology and Evolution, come from a detailed assessment of 121 species ranging from…
Examining buried secrets of endangered beetle

May 29, 2019

Through a partnership with the National Research Traineeship Program, Ludwig is studying the American burying beetle — a nocturnal…
Safe havens from cats and foxes protect animals in Australia

March 7, 2019

Cats may seem harmless, but they actually contributed to multiple extinctions. They were introduced by people and local…
Museum Genomes Explain the Plight of the Grauer’s Gorilla

January 15, 2019

When a population rapidly plummets, the chance sampling of genetic drift and inevitable inbreeding can accelerate the pace…
For these critically endangered marine turtles, climate change could be a knockout blow

December 19, 2018

Hawksbill turtles aren’t the only marine turtles threatened by the destabilizing effects of climate change, but a new…
Platypus populations are falling despite people not hunting them

December 4, 2018

Platypus is one of the symbols of Australian wildlife. It is a really bizarre animal – an egg-laying…
Misunderstood flying fox could prove bat species demise, warn scientists

November 20, 2018

An international team of researchers, including the University of Bristol, that monitored the damage directly caused by the…
New hope for world’s most endangered mammal

November 13, 2018

Analysing genetic samples from 232 rhinos, researchers from Cardiff University and the University of Venda found that despite…
Researchers release endangered crows into the forests of Pacific island

October 4, 2018

For more than 2 million years, the native forests on the Pacific islands of Guam and Rota were…
Spotting Giants

August 8, 2018

Capable of growing bigger than an average-sized grizzly bear, and as imperiled as the black rhino, giant sea bass…
Doing Right by the Whales

June 19, 2018

These are not good times for the North Atlantic right whale. Ship strikes and gear entanglement play major…
Improved access to DNA from endangered species

May 29, 2018

The CryoArks Biobank, led by Professor Mike Bruford of Cardiff University, is a major investment towards cryogenically preserving…
Deep-sea wildlife more vulnerable to extinction than first thought

March 23, 2018

New Oxford University research suggests that past environmental changes may have profoundly impacted the geographic range and species…
Reducing Collateral Damage for Endangered Species

March 19, 2018

Healthier fish stocks. Higher catches. Profits from fishing. Is there a way to achieve these holy grails of…
Changes in ocean fishing could save some species from extinction

March 19, 2018

Better fisheries management could reverse spiraling population declines in roughly half of threatened ocean species caught unintentionally, according…
A new population of the rarest fish in the world has just been discovered

January 26, 2018

There are many endangered species in this world. Sadly, many of them are going to be declared extinct…
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