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Scientists have just made hydrogen production much more efficient

October 31, 2019

Electric cars are all the rage these days, but they still have their limitations. Staying for 45 minutes…
New Catalyst Outshines Platinum for Producing Hydrogen

October 1, 2019

PNNL develops a durable, inexpensive molybdenum-phosphide catalyst that efficiently converts wastewater and seawater into hydrogen. Hydrogen, the most…
Wind turbine data from the island of Bornholm confirms potential of high-efficiency electrolysis cells

February 19, 2018

An electrolysis cell uses electricity to split, e.g., water molecules (H2O) into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2). In…
Hydrogen from ‘reverse fuel’ cells

March 25, 2017

Upgrading biogas to natural gas—methane—requires hydrogen. However, this so-called methanization process generates heat as a by-product. And heat…
New nanoparticle catalysts could reduce need for precious metals

May 22, 2016

Materials that speed up a chemical reaction without getting consumed in the process, known as catalysts, lie at…
Inexpensive new catalysts can be fine-tuned

September 18, 2015

Material could replace precious metals and produce precisely controlled electrochemical reactivity. Researchers at MIT and Lawrence Berkeley National…
Study Reveals Molecular Structure of Water at Gold Electrodes

October 24, 2014

When a solid material is immersed in a liquid, the liquid immediately next to its surface differs from…
Peter Vesborg receives grant to develop artificial leaf

June 13, 2014

Assistant Professor Peter Vesborg from the DTU Physics has received almost 2.5 million DKK from The Danish Council…
Reinventing copper extraction with electricity

May 5, 2014

Antoine Allanore, the Thomas B. King Assistant Professor of Metallurgy at MIT. Photo courtesy of Antoine Allanore Copper…
Zero-dimensional transistor harvests bubble energy wasted during water electrolysis

August 14, 2013

When hydrogen is produced from water during electrolysis, some energy is lost as tiny bubbles. In a new…
Testing artificial photosynthesis

June 12, 2013

With the daily mean concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide having reached 400 parts-per-million for the first time in…
Livermore scientists develop CO2 sequestration technique that produces ‘supergreen’ hydrogen fuel, offsets ocean acidification

May 29, 2013

Lawrence Livermore scientists have discovered and demonstrated a new technique to remove and store atmospheric carbon dioxide while…
Water splitting: Plants provide blueprint for cheap hydrogen production

April 15, 2013

The process by which plants convert energy from the sun’s rays into chemical ‘fuel’ has inspired a new…
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